You have 1 date to woo your hollywood crush. You go...

This was a hypothetical I had with 2 friends. 1 female, 1 male.

The male friend said that he would take her (Katy Perry) out for fishbowl margaritas, and a walk by the Riverfront.

I, also male, said that I would make her (Natalie Portman) dinner (homemade sushi) and then a late night excursion to the zoo.

The girl thought for a good 30 seconds and shrugged. She said “Maybe something like archery?” I asked her why. She said “Well, because I’ve never done it and I wanted to try it.”

Now, the topic of whether or not girls know how to set up dates is an OP for a different time. I ask the SDMB who their celeb crush would be and how they utilize their one shot to charm the pants off them.

(the girl’s crush was Jake Gyllenhall. ::shrug::slight_smile:

I’d invite Rachel Ray to my house and we’d make my favorite food together - snapping turtle soup. First, you catch a snapping turtle…

I’d love to play miniature golf with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Then a nice walk along the beach. An ice cream cone at some point would be fun. Then a nice romantic dinner.

He’s yummy.

You girls have it easy. All you really have to do to woo a Hollywood star is to be hot, the same way you’d woo any other guy. You actually have a real chance. For us men (well, most of us anyway), there’s just no way in heck we can match the levels of money and influence that female superstar actresses are used to from the men around them. It’s pointless.


I guess I’d have to get Zooey Deschanel extremely, fantastically drunk.

Kate Beckinsale and I would do some kind of intense aerobic activity and then enjoy a candlelit dinner.

Now that’s insulting.

I hope you mean anaerobic because she’s the kind of woman that’d take anyone’s breath away.

Funny, I usually do it the other way around.

pancakes3, you’re missing out on the information advantage that comes with dating a celeb. Lots of details are out there about your crush. Natalie is a vegan so sushi probably won’t impress her.

I could take Jessica Biel out sailing then drop anchor for a nice scuba dive. Post dive, sip some drinks and watch the sunset while sailing home.

I take Kate Winslet to an amusement park, ride some roller coasters (not a euphemism), go for a fast ride by the shore in a convertible, offer up a foot rub.

I guess dinner or something too.

Hey, it’s our first date…Kate and I can work up a sweat to stimulate our appetites for dinner, but I don’t put out until at least the third date–even for celebrities! :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel sadder than I did before I read this thread.

I don’t know what the heck I’d do with Edward Norton. He’s super smart and also seems really laid back so I think if I asked him what to do he’d be all “What do you want to do?”

I think we’d maybe catch a baseball game then play bar trivia. At least I would have a super awesome time.

Michelle Kwan and I would skate in Rockerfeller Center.

First, I’d have to acquire a truckload of money. Our date would be an auction, where I would buy a fantastically expensive expressionist painting, which I would present her as a gift.

Then would come the begging.

I’ve been partial to Diane Lane for quite some time, but I can think of other suitable candidates. Unfortunately, there are only so many truckloads of money, so many impressionist paintings, and so much sympathy I can generate.

I woudl cook her a fabulous dinner and play mechwarrior till we pass out.

I believe Miss Portman is a vegan. I hope you keep that in mind when you make the sushi.
Now myself and Rose McGowen would knock over a string of gas stations and liquor stores and set fire to some public monument. This is usually my standard first date. No I don’t date much, why do you ask?

One date? I’ll never get asked for a second anyway, so I might as well offer to retire to the bedroom and hope for the best.

Hmm…I’ve never been big on celebrity crushes. I guess the closest thing would have to be how much I enjoy Tina Fey. A date would probably include lots of trying to top each others funny stories. And if she’s really like Liz Lemon that she plays on 30 Rock, probably having some ham, pizza, and Cheesy Blasters…

I would do yard work with Karen Gillan.

Once every 10-20 years I’m guessing.