You have a 1GB SD card to represent your life

Yes, just ONE. GIGABYTE. SD CARD. No other option*

Your digital legacy to the world!

What will you put on it to tell people who you are?

Me: A slideshow of my photos and my favorite songs. I don’t think I’d put any kind of “video diary”-type stuff. Rather than show myself, I would want to show any potential viewer how I see the world.

*Feel free to discuss the technical inadequacy of my choice. I know gigantic amounts of memory are available in tiny thumb drives, etc. I chose 1GB/SD card because that is what I have in front of me at this particular moment.

This is a great question. I hope that there are no replies as of yet simply for the reason that others struggle to answer as I do.

I’m guessing that leaving behind a document full of links to places on the internet that include photos, video or music is not part of the equation?

In that case I’d write a book as the basis of my legacy, and refer to some photos and maybe some music or video in an appendix.

My website contains a reasonable snapshot of what I’m like - that would take up only 85mb of the space allotted - although that’s not counting the size of the embedded video content, so I guess that would just about top it up.

Thousands of very low resolution photos and compressed images. With a couple choice high resolution ones.

Plus my personal digital record of my military service, schools, and awards.

Copies of all my professional certificates, licenses, and certifications.

No diary or anything like that. Mainly because I’ve never had one, and it would be too hard to try and start from scratch to sum up my life.