You Have to be This Smart to Ride this Board

Do you think IQ should play a factor in membership to the Dope?

What quotient level should you have to qualify? Should there be a maximum (a point of diminishing return due nitpicking and hubris)? What about a minimum ('nough said here)?

What weight should formal education, life experience and quirkiness play? Should they play any role at all and how would you weight them?

And if one’s higher intelligence causes one to not be well-liked in real life, should that person’s application be given extra consideration here on the Dope?

Well, we could just change the name to MENSA and behave accordingly.

Or not.

And I’d stay away from that last sentence, if I were you. Just a friendly caution.

**You Have to This Smart to Ride this Board
I don’t think there should be a minimum IQ, but maybe the ability to make a complete thread title would be a good start. :wink: :smiley:

Having been a member of Mensa for thirty years, I’ve reached the conclusion that IQ and education are not very good predictors of whether I will find someone to be entertaining or not. I’ve met people with sky-high IQs who were boring old poops. I’ve met people with very little education who were fascinating and funny.

IQ is, I think, a granfalloon.

Smarty Pants; you’re in! I’ll email a mod to add the word “be.” Thanks.

I agree, (heck, I think I am compelled to agree with someone that casually slips in a Vonnegut reference), IQ is over-rated. It is also not a predictor of what kind of poster the person would make. Some people with very high IQ still cannot write well or express themselves well.


This board is (mostly) pretty good about self-selecting quality peeps, forget about IQ.

Since we are about fighting ignorance, not stupidity, IQ is irrelevant, IMHO. Anyone with at least one useful piece of knowledge should be welcome, as long as they play by the rest of the rules.

Shit, 5-4. What did I ever do to you? Now you’re trying to get me run off the board? :smiley:

How exactly were you planning to [del]weed out the dummies[/del] collect proof of the proper IQ level?

I qualify for Mensa, but I fritter a lot of my intelligence away and am not particularly interested in being a Great Thinker. On the other hand, I know many people who are brighter and more interesting than they give themselves credit for.

Harriet the Spry: Your post reminds me of that saying that goes something like, “A person who does not read is no better off than a person who cannot read.” My husband is one of those people I mentioned who thinks he’s not intelligent but is dead wrong. He reads like crazy and absorbs information like a sponge, and many people who meet him are surprised to learn that he does not have a college degree.

I thought this was gonna be about surfing.

My fiance is similar. He has an art degree and doesn’t consider himself very intelligent, often referring to me as the smart one. But I keep reminding him how quick he is, and how good with puzzles he is, but for some reason those don’t mean “smart” in his mind.

He takes apart machines to see how they work and then puts them back together again. He has no formal computer training but works tech support --the youngest in the office. He loves science and is just as fascinated as I am by the stars and the universe.

I always tell him that I wouldn’t be with him at all if I didn’t see him as my equal, and it’s true.

Having a curiosity in the world and a desire to understand it are valuable traits when it comes to my estimation of intelligence.

IQ is a measure of one’s ability to take IQ tests. It’s not real helpful in predicting a lot of other things.

Although recent studies indicate that people with higher IQs may get swindled more.

That’s because they are all underachievers and they are looking for a way to catch up economically.

Erm…really? Or is this a joke I don’t get? If you’re not kidding I’d be interested in hearing more. If you are kidding, it goes to prove that a high IQ contributes nothing to sense of humour (mine).

That’s just something dumb people say

I scored 83 on my Chem GRE’s in 1966. Second highest in my class. I was probably about(IMHO) 12th smartest in chemistry in a graduating class of 20. Got me into UNC Chapel Hill. Where I promptly flunked out of Graduate School. But, dayum!, I knew how to take a test. My speciality.

I tink you were whooshed. :wink:

That being said, if I were to fix up a box to put dumb people in, I’m quite convinced that QtM would be absent. OTOH, he’s just slithering about the hull anyway.

My Hubby does not have a college degree, yet he can look at the outside of machine casings and tell you with a great degree of accuracy what the inside looks like. For example, 3 shafts coming in; he knows what is turning what and where to take them apart at (oops bad grammar :stuck_out_tongue: ). He thinks he’s a dunce, I think he’s a genius. YMMV.

That’s just something people say who think they’re smart.

In Manchester, Everyone gets swindled more. So IQ’s no help there.