You have to see this: Feynman, Sagan, Nye Sing about Science

YouTube Link (We Are All Connected)

Someone sampled footage of these scientists from various clips of them on television, then used AutoTune to produce a moving Song/Video using their own voices. Really cool.

Maybe it’s just midnight speaking, but I did indeed find that very moving. Really lovely and honest. Science is beautiful.

I liked that one, it was good, but I still think his best is “Glorious Dawn”.

Here it is…

me too.

middle of the night plus kind of a lousy day- that’s just what I needed.

I love seeing people excited about science. It’s so worth getting excited about.

thank you for sharing that- I’m going to send it off to more people.

Remarkable too. The funny thing about Sagan though, it he kinda sounds like Kermit singing. But even still, amazing how lyrical and poetic Sagan could be. His words fits this kind of sampling very well.

If you want a good laugh check this one out, but it kind of spoils the mood of the other two. :wink:

It’s beautiful. I just love contemplating the wonders of nature and science. I’ve read Cosmos countless times and it never ceases to instill that sense of wonder in me, every time I re-read it.

Me too. Sagan was the master at instilling a sense of wonder and awe. His passion was contagious. This music does a great job conveying the emotions I feel about science, the cosmos and where we are in it.

Okay, that was awesome. What was great was just how musical their natural language ended up sounding. I don’t see that too often.

And I agree, science IS beautiful. And anyone who claims otherwise isn’t looking hard enough.

Both of those videos ruled.

Wow. What an amazing piece! Thank you for sharing that.

I’m glad to see AutoTune being used to make something neat, for once. :smiley: That was really moving.

Neat, but I also like Glorious Dawn better. Except it gets stuck in my head and I go around singing about apple pie and inventing the universe.

OTOH, Feynman is my favorite.

I love that fact that John Boswell chose the clip of Bill Nye saying “Billions and billions of stars,” which I’d be willing to bet Nye said as an homage to Sagan.

My dad, God rest his soul, LOVED Carl Sagan. He once sent me a birthday card in which he wrote that he was sending me “billions and billions” of birthday wishes.

I LOVE that clip of him playing the bongos. (Bongoes?)

Also that quote of his: “I think that nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s,” sends chills up my spine.

That, and “Whoop-oop, oh oh, Whoop-oop…”

(One can’t help wondering what context that choice little sample came from.)

Yeah, it’s too bad he never had a TV series to sample from. His autobiography is one of the funniest non-fiction books I’ve ever read.

Wow. First time I’ve ever like anything with Autotune.

Thank you, OP and others, for making my day!

Sagan doing a humpback whale impression, IIRC.

Indeed. But there are video recordings of lectures, those could be used! I’ve enjoyed all his books except the ones I can’t understand. My husband likes those. So we are definitely a Feynman household here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feynman definitely makes the VIP list of “Dead scientists you’d like to have over for dinner”. Sagan too.

My favorite part in We Are All Connected is that musical bridge he does with Feynman, where he says “It’s all really there… really, really there.”

Buy really, the whole thing gives me goosebumps. I wonder what Nye and deGrasse Tyson think of it.