You hear sirens. What vehicle springs to mind?

A Mini Cooper, filled with 3 dozen circus clowns.

Actually, I think fire truck. That seems to be the more common one around here, for some reason.

The sirens here are all fairly disctinct between the various emergency services. When I am on call with the Red Cross, I’m particularly attuned to fire truck sirens and wince whenever I hear them, since there is a fair chance that my pager will soon be going off!

Firetruck is slightly different from other ones because of the extra Honk Honk. Otherwise I assume it’s the fuzz and I gots to amscray like quick

If it lasts less than a minute, it’s probably a cop. A longer run is an ambulance; there’s a hospital nearby. Several sirens at once is fire trucks. A hugely loud siren with a very slow oscillation is the one atop the school; tornado warning!

I work at a gas station maybe 500 feet from an ambulance dispatcher. Nevertheless, every time I hear a siren, I think, “Uh-oh, the cops are after someone again!” Of course, it’s ALWAYS an ambulance…


Where I live, I associate sirens with ambulances.

I’ve detected a difference between police sirens and fire/ambulance sirens, but not between fire and ambulance sirens.

I don’t necessarily think of a specific emergency service vehicle, but I do start singing, “City on fire!” from Sweeney Todd.

Always fire engines.

But, I’m biased. :smiley:

I always think ambulance, and I’m a lawyer, so then I put on my Nikes and chase it.

Heehee! Me too. :smiley: