You hear sirens. What vehicle springs to mind?

Ambulance? Police car? Fire engine? Ghostbusters? Something else? Or does your brain not fill in a specific vehicle?

I heard some sirens in the distance last night, and had no way to find out what kind of emergency response vehicle was involved. I also realized that my first assumption is almost always that sirens = police car.

When I can determine what’s making the noise, however, it’s not always police. Which just goes to show that I can’t distinguish sirens from each other, if there’s a difference. And maybe that I’ve got a guilty conscience rather than a fascination with fire.

So. You hear sirens. What vehicle springs to mind?

I usually see fire trucks but I think of the ambulance taking Vito Corleone home from the hospital in The Godfather.

The ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars around here all of slightly different sirens (like the fire truck is a long whiney siren, followed up by two honk-like-sounds).

So I think of whichever it is :slight_smile: .

If I was in an area without a difference, I would probably think it is an ambulance.

I know the differences between sirens over here. But any siren that’s mobile gets an automatic call of “Meat Wagon!”

Ambulance, followed by the ritual incantation, “someone out there is having a worse day than I am.”

Actually, my siren chant works with police cars and fire trucks, too.

Fire engine. There’s a fire station not far from my place.

Same here, on both counts.

I always think police car, however, living in Ballard, I’m trying to adjust that assumption. My husband says it’s usually ambulances.

I know the fire trucks when I hear them, though, because they usually have that loud “HORNK HORNK!” noise between the siren sound.

I think Ambulance because I see them speeding down the road far more than either police or firepeople.

To be perfectly honest no particular branch of the emergency services spring to mind. At first I think ‘emergency vehicle’ and moments later I consult my memory to try to figure out which emergency vehicle the siren belongs to. Recently I was at my dad’s house and we heard a siren. Seconds later dad’s wife said ‘ambulance?’ then dad said ‘police car?’ then at the same time me and dad said…

dad:‘fire engine!’
me:‘police car!’

Ambulance. I work in a hospital, so hence my assumption.

The Argo, of course.

Either that, or Odysseus’s ship.

Lashing myself to the mast.

Thought I admit, at some times, I think of Elle McPherson and Tara Fitzgerald.

Ambulance. I live really near a hospital, though.

Well, the fire engines are quite recognizable, so there’s no question there. Whenever I hear a non-fire siren, I assume it’s an ambulance. Although there’s plenty of crime around here, and I see paddywagons all the time. Eh.


“My ride’s here!” –Robin Williams

Our fire engines all seem to prefer mechanical sirens – the type that slowly wind up to a really loud wail, and take forever to wind down when the owner shuts it off. As a result, I can always identify fire engines. Any electronic siren passing by is a police car in my book.

At work it’s either fire or ambulance. The two major hospitals are about a mile apart. One of em is next door to my office. Also there’s a nursing home next door that is prone to frequent ambulance visits. There’s a fire station about two blocks south of my office also. Ya get used to it.

At home I think ambulance. I live out in the county and most sirens heard out where I live are ambulance sirens.