You heard it here first: Iraq was behind the Oklahoma City Bombing (Foxnews involved)

Well, sum’-bitch, I thought I had heard it all. But apparently I haven’t. According to everyone’s favorite batshit-loonball over at Foxnews, John Gibson, what was once a clear example of how any society is still capable of producing an individual that will engage in senseless, massively destructive violence (i.e. Timothy McVeigh) is now yet another example of Iraq’s involvement in terrorism and more support for our invasion. Oy-vey. Among the article’s claims:

“The whole thing stinks of Iraq. Ramzi Yousef (search), an Iraqi agent that was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and his associates were allegedly talking to Terry Nichols (search) in 1994 about how to build a fertilizer bomb.”

“The answer is Tim McVeigh (search) and the U.S. government were each doing their part to hide the real players.”

Finally, why would the loved and sainted Bush Administration hide the meddling influence of our arch-enemies of freedom in Iraq? Because Mr. McVeigh is the innocent vitim of a broad conspiracy, and if the truth came out, the American public might be beside itself with grief over the execution of an innocent man. What’s worse, a good-looking, white, veteran of the Gulf War! Horror!

“The fear that the McVeigh execution might have been an error — and a mistaken execution — could put the federal death penalty itself in jeopardy. The fear of losing the federal death penalty could explain why the U.S. government does not appear to be anxious to act on evidence it has that Iraq may have been involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.”,2933,153966,00.html

Sorry to trot out that pit whipping boy Foxnews again, but I know a few people that had relatives die or narrowly escape the Oklahoma City Bombing, and I have this vague resentment against people trying to use revisionist history to score contemporary political points.

It’s not new.

It’s a Mylroie thing that’s been debunked for years actually.
Didn’t stop Wolfowitz from being a Mylroie conspiracist though.

Shouldn’t that be “Oy Veigh”?

I am safe from the lightning strikes; I am wearing my lightning rod hat

“Oigh Veigh,” actually, from the Irish Jews. ;j

I heard Iraqis also shot Kennedy. John Wilkes Boothe…oh yeah. He was an Iraqi sleeper agent.

And the other day when my tire went flat…that was because an Iraqi put a hole in it.

The Iraqis are also the reason why all of my jokes suck.

Sorry to disappoint you, but that rumor has been floating around since April 22, 1995 or so. It keeps getting debunked (or as close to debunked as these things get) and just keeps on going, like the Energizer Bunny, only more annoying.

FWIW I believe that last bit.

It’s all about being provocative. As recently as last month, even the stalwart CNN sensationalized links between radical Nazi groups in the US and al Queda. Their reporter; Henry Schuster, failed miserably, but at least he tried.

I believe it. After his murder of Terri Schiavo, I believe Saddam is capable of anything.

And the directing job Saddam did on Gigli certainly justified the Iraq War!

Now that is terrible. To lay the blame for that movie entirely on the director id dishonest and shamefull.

You’re right. Equal blame goes to the movie’s leads: Osama bin Laden and Kim Il Jong.

On the other hand, Kim’s makeup artist deserved an Oscar for making an old Korean guy look like a beautiful young woman.

Geeze, I’ve been following the story of the FBI slowy getting around to investgating a stash of explosives in Terry Nichols home (during the OK City bombling) three weeks ago. Boy, if I were Special Agent in charge of handling T. N.'s case, I’d ask for early retirement ya know?

FBI boo boo

And now Fox is claiming Ramzi Yousef is an Iraq stooge? Well, it’s like this you see: when you’re fair and balanced you’re being ironic. Get it? I-r-o-n-i-c. Well, I’ve got a link (inside the previous mentioned link) that’ll shiver the timbers of the pesteriferous John Gibson

mother of all fixes (you’ll note the poor man’s Harry Shearer picture at the beginning of the article.

Where the hell have you been John?! You poor mindless sap. Can’t you see the BIG PICTURE!!! :rolleyes: