You idiot, your dog isn't "protective", it's aggressive!

A man died when he was attacked by his pet pit bulls.

From the article:

Somebody should nominate this guy for a Darwin Award. When your dog attacks people or other dogs, it’s not being “protective”, and it’s not “telling it like it is” to say it is. It’s aggression, and you should never tolerate aggression from your dog. The dog is at least as likely to attack you, a family member, or a friend as it is to attack a burglar or mugger- so having a “protective” dog isn’t making your family safer- quite the opposite.

I’m just sick of people making excuses for their aggressive, badly-behaved dogs by saying they’re “protective”.

I’m with you on that.

Thank God no innocents were killed.

Amen! All too often, it’s a child who gets attacked and killed.

I do feel very sorry for the woman who had to find her father’s body after he’d been killed by his “protective” dogs. That would be horrible :frowning:

I’m betting these dogs weren’t neutered, either (though the article doesn’t say if they were or not):

Unfortunately, the macho asses who want a “protective” dog are also often the macho asses who resist neutering their dogs for various stupid reasons. :mad: