You kill me (no plot spoilers in OP)

We rented and watched You kill me. The reviews said:

*“An instand classic. You’ll die laughing” *(Scott Mantz, Hollywood Access)

“A killer comedy” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

*“Two thumbs up. It’s just a lot of fun” *(Richard Roeper & Michael Phillips, Ebert & Roeper)
“I almost wish you would have killed me before I had to sit through that crap” *(Mrs. Beitz, the PKBites stately manor)

Are those other critics insane? First of all, this was no comedy. There wasn’t anything even remotely funny at all whatsoever. And “it’s just a lot of fun” is just a lot of B.S.!
The Cannonball Run was a lot of fun (though stupid). This was very dull and very unfunny. Avoid it.

I’ll end now before this turns into a Pit rant. But I do wish I had the last hour and 33 minutes of my life back.