You knew it was coming... (tsunami lawsuit)

From this story.

A lawyer has filed suit in New York against a French hotel chain, the government of Thailand and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) over the results of the tsunami last Dec 26. The suit was filed on behalf of German and French tourists in Thailand at the time of the tsunami.

In short, the suit claims that the NOAA didn’t do enough to warn the Thai government that the tsunami was headed it’s way and that the Thai government didn’t do anything to warn the people to flee inland.


Firstly, the U.S. (and the NOAA) don’t owe any warning to French and German tourists (sure it would be nice to give it, but it isn’t required in the sense that the failure to do so is actionable).

Secondly, IIRC, the NOAA is only designed to cover the Pacific regions, not the Indian Ocean. There is (presently) no tsunami detection equipment in the Pacific.

Thirdly, IIRC, we did try to warn governments in that area (although we didn’t meet much success).

I hope this one gets bounced and the lawyer who filed it reprimanded.

Zev Steinhardt


look at this

They probably didn’t inform them because thier hotel was floating 20 miles out into sea. They are getting sued cuz they built on a fracture line??? At least they didn’t build it on an ancient Indian buriel ground… imagine how badly they would’ve gotton sued then.


How in the world can someone this so openly full of shit be taken seriously.

“Built a hotel on a faultline”?! How could they do such a thing?!

Does that mean we should close every hotel in southern California, Hawaii, southern Italy, …? :rolleyes:

I’m trying hard to think of how and why they expect to get a settlement. First, why should any part of the government be responsible is beyond me, since they don’t have an obligation to help.

Why a hotel chain should be held responsible I don’t know. I don’t believe it has any ohligation to tell relatives about their dead.

And the government of Thailand?

Snould their be some sort of pain-infliction technique used on people who pull crap like this? Like little-law-shit detectors, who go around using electric prods on poeople who do it.

I have some words for this asshole, but I’ll keep them to myself.

If I may quote Lyle Lovett:

“What would you be if you didn’t even try? You HAVE to try.”

Lyle’s not gonna be to happy about that, Inigo.

No, some things don’t need to be tried.

Well they might still have their dignity if they didn’t try.

How can I resist this setup?

Evidently somone thinks a French hotel chain, the government of Thailand and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needs to be tried!
: ba dum bum :

Sorry Eater, I had ta do it.

And Granny, Lyle’d LOVE IT!


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: scuffle : : scuffle : : clink :

:confused: But the fracture line in Thailand had nothing to do with anything? Why doesn’t he sue them for building a seaside resort by the ocean? The nerve.

I agree with Zev that this clown should be reprimanded - if we define reprimanded as being horsewhipped and run out of town on a rail.

I know you had to do it Inigo, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, You’re right, we don’t owe them a warning.

Secondly, I know you meant the Indian Ocean and just typoed, and NO, there is no established Tsunami detection network in the indian ocean like we have on the Pacific Rim.

Thirdly, you’re correct once again, our Atmospheric scientists and geophysicists did in fact attempt to warn the nations who were hardest hit, AFAIK.


British rule yet, anyone?

You’re forgetting, it’s a lawyer in New York. Frankly, I’m surprised this wasn’t filed in San Francisco.
Man. If this pit isn’t one that everyone can agree on, I don’t know what it would take. What a complete fucking assbag. My ire isn’t even tempered by the fact he’s going after a French company.

Anyone on the left coast care to track Motel6 rates for increases?

Yep, I meant “the Indian Ocean.” Thanks for catching that for me.

Zev Steinhardt

Bite me. Not all Californians (Californian lawyers) fit your stereotype, wanker.

Oh, you’re right. I was getting CA mixed up with South Dakota. I had forgotten which state had a pile of shithead lawsuits. By your vitriol, I assume you’re one of them? If so, point proven.

Here, have a bite of this, Miss Pissy. :rolleyes:

Now, now… I know this is the Pit, but let’s save the venting for the one who really deserves it… the lawyer who filed the suit.

Zev Steinhardt

Stop being your usual dumbfuck self, Duffer. You, as always, have overgeneralized and made yourself look like your usual ass self.

Now, dirtfarmer, Since California is one of the largest states, has one of the largest populations in the US, and has the 4th largest economy in the WORLD, you can expect that there would be more lawsuits-frivolous or not.

Since the median income level(and intelligence, if you are any sort of barometer), the size of the economy, the size of the population of lawyers and the size of the population of nutcase wanksters is much smaller in Dirtfarmerville, SD, you can expect many less lawsuits.

So have a bite of this, Mistuh Pissy :rolleyes:

Nothing worse than someone who runs around and generalizes on an entire population based on how many lawyers and lawsuits there are…