You know if biden wants easys votes all he has to say is he'll dissolve or netuer ICE

I mean its easily the most hated and destructive law enforcement agency we have and even a lot of the people who called for it to be formed aren’t impressed with it being used as a Gestapo like it is not … In fact, in the last election, it was admitted that it could be dissolved with little impact on the policy and enforcement it was set up to do and would save money in the long run …

ICE will get 43% support no matter what…just like Humpty Trumpty.

Not sure this is in Biden’s best interest to promise - Biden is getting a lot of credit for being the voice of sanity, and abolishing ICE is generally considered radical (even though it would actually be a conservative act). For example, right now he’s doing really well with older, traditionally right-leaning voters who are freaked out by Trump’s utterly inept handling of a disease that likes to kill old people and his inflaming of racial tensions when he should be calming them, and I’m not sure that ‘abolish ICE’ would fly with that demographic.

That would cause Biden to lose. ICE has a reason to exist. Firing all the jerks who put children in cages would be a good start to fixing ICE’s problems.

I don’t know when politics on the left got so senseless. You’re not literally defunding the police, and you’re not getting rid of ICE either, except in dreams.

Easys votes? I’m pretty sure Easy E can’t vote from the grave.

It’s interesting that the left defunding law enforcement agencies like the police or ICE is considered ‘so senseless’, but the right defunding similar agencies like the EPA or SEC is considered just normal, even conservative. Definitely a big double standard, where cutting back on LEOs that primarily target rich people and corporations is considered par for the course, but anything that targets poor or middle class people is considered dangerously radical.

I hope you don’t consider me a conservative, for I am not.

I did not mention cuts to the EPA or SEC since that wasn’t the topic of the thread. Furthermore copying conservative stupidity is still stupid.

Biden is like a team with a lead late in the game. He just needs to play it safe and watch Trump self destruct more than he has already.

Pretty much hafta agree with this.

All along, this election has always been a referendum on Trump’s first term in office. Biden just needs to be a contrast with Trump, and he only need to just be himself. He doesn’t need to say or do anything except have a pulse.

Keep Biden in a bubble. Keep him in secret underground bunkers. lol

I’ve read that the “we’re already winning” strategy is risky. I’ve seen it work, and not work. It did not work with Hillary Clinton, unfortunately. It worked for Boris Johnson. Theresa May didn’t follow that strategy, which is probably why she effectively lost her election (technically a win, but a Pyrrhic minority government).

I think it will work for Biden, unlike last time, because we’ve seen what four years of Trump damage and craziness does. (Really, for Republicans who will stay home, they’re seeing what four years of Trump incompetence has done, as many of them still agree with Trump administration policies.)

Dissolve ICE? It serves a useful purpose. Biden wont do that, what he may do is make a new name for it, then cut staffing and budget so it only does it’s useful functions. Sent extra staff to the Border patrol and customs.

Pew Research has some polling from April about views of various federal agencies.

Views of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) remain even more polarized: 77% of Republicans and Republican leaners view the agency favorably, compared with only 28% of Democrats and Democratic leaners.

It seems to me that Biden could safely shore up some support by promising to curtail the worst ICE abuses, like kids in cages. Which also happens to be the right thing to do!

I totally agree with this. I’m also disgusted at Republican voters who tolerate the caging.

Lay low on the issue until you win the election. Then spend the next 8 years making sure that not a single one of those mother-fuckers ever holds a job in this country again. No job, no pension, no benefits, no nothing. Fuck 'em.

Exactly, lay low on the issue, elections aren’t won by what’s trending on liberal Twitter.

Too many voters will equate Abolish ICE with open the borders.

Get in power with a Democratic Congress and then start purging it if not eliminating it.

Why? Do you think they do these things because they want to? Trump orders the director of iCE, who ordered them. They must comply or get fired.

Now, maybe someone of the orders might possibly qualify as “crimes against humanity” and thus the orders are illegal, but trying that just plain wont work. They’d still be fired.

Once we get rid of trump and that director, things wont be this bad, and Joe can certainly change things.

Do they do these things because they want to? OF FUCKING COURSE they do! If they had a problem with it they would quit. They don’t, so they don’t. Fuck them all and the horses they rode in on.

Really- so whatever company you work for is a paragon of corporate virtue? Naw, you keep working there- we all keep working - because we gotta pay the mortgage or the rent and feed our families.

Woodrow Wilson once said “Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide.”