You know when the next satellite photo will be taken. What do you do?

You know exactly when the next satellite image (or series of images) will be taken for the area you’re in. These photos will be used to update Google maps. You have about a week to prepare. What do you do?

Paint “Hi, Mom!” in big black letters on the roof. Anything too topical will look stupid(er) too quickly.

Umm… you do know that they higher resolution pictures are taken by aircraft, not satellites, don’t you?

Paint the roof neon green.
What about a ‘remote’ area?

Maybe a ‘crop circle’ or UFO crash.

Don’t know, don’t care. Answer the question.

Hmm… 30 acres for a back yard.

I’d arrange for my own burning man festival.

The current image show’s my trampoline with complete clarity so I don’t see a problem pulling that off.

Paint the roof blue. It will act as a blue screen so that whenever anyone views the photo they will see through to the desktop of their monitor.

(I admit there might be a few technical issues)

I’ll do nothing. Satellites don’t have the capability to resolve writing in a field.

Tin foil. Lot’s of tin foil.

Set my house on fire and let the smoke ruin the picture. On second thought, scratch that.

Oh, maybe I could rig up a mannequin for the Vow of the Sun ritual (A Man Called Horse.)

I wonder if I could pull off something like the Cerne Abbas man in that amount of time.

Giant penes rock.

I’m disqualified from this thread. You can’t see my house from up. It’s surrounded by big, honking heritage oak trees.

Cut an obscene phrase into the grass with the lawn mower.
You can see my Dishnetwork antenna. While the photo is credited to NASA, I imagine they did it with an aircraft.

The Wave?

Now you post this! :smack:

The plane flew over our area last week.

I would paint a giant mouse pointer on my roof.


I would lie down in the street with arms and legs outstretched.

Then I’d be able to go on google maps and say “That’s me that is”