You know who I hate?

I hate people who are musical. Hate, hate, hate. And it’s entirely because I’m jealous. I would sell my left nut to have musical talent, but I don’t have any. Not even a tiny bit. I hate Av8rmike who plays the fiddle like an angel. I hate my my wife and Geobabe who can sing and not have people leave the room. And I hate this guy. My God! He palys Taco Bell’s Cannon on a guitar and just blows me away. I hate all of you!

[sub]Seriously, check the link out. This guy fuckin’ ROCKS[/sub]

As a musician myself, I reserve my nastiest animus for sightreaders. Especially those who cock a snook and tell me that “anyone can sightread if they just work at it.” Oh yeah? Then why has it been screwing me up for 25 years?

What about those of us who make a living at it?

They’re usually the least sympathetic about my sightreading problems.
(Disclaimer: I gig, but it’s not my living.)

The link is not up to par with the times. It should kick in the video right off, not leave the rest of us to hunt for it.


I’ll second that. Huh?

Cock a snook? That’s beautiful.

I know. They suck. They stand there and look at you with that stupid look of humility on their faces and say “Oh, it’s nothing really. Anyone could do it.” No you prat, anyone could NOT! You just think that because it’s easy for you, it must be easy for everyone. You suck.

Sorry for the highjack. I enjoyed that version of Pachelbel’s canon. Anyone know of a good collection of classical pieces on the electric guitar?

Well… er… sorry about that? :frowning:

But really, about half of the people who hang their hands and say “Oh, you’re soooo talented, I could never do that,” probably can. Just because you won’t sound like Renee Fleming or Andrea Bocelli on your first try is no reason to give up; it supposed to be fun. Give it a shot.

What did you sell them for? Hope it was worth it…

[Hispanic treble voice]
Yo quiero Pachelbel!

I thought it was Pac-Bell’s Cannon.

If you liked that, check out Trace Bundy (the Canon on acoustic guitar) and Jake Shimabukuro (“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on ukelele). These guys make me wish I’d kept up the guitar lessons I started a few years ago. And it’s not a cover, but Ethan Winer does a kick-ass song with cellos. :slight_smile:

Sightreading isn’t easy. I can do it, but my piano sightreading is better than my vocal sightreading … which is weird, because I’m a better singer than I am a pianist. I blame the fact that I don’t practice my sightreading: I’ve never thought of it as something that needed to be “worked at” (for some reason that makes me think that they’re implying it can be learned, like reading music), but rather as something that just gets easier the more you do it.

You know who I hate?

That girl. At Sheetz’s (Quick-Stop, PA style…) The one who thinks a meatball sub needs to be microwaved for 5 minutes. Til the cheese is rubber, and the bread can’t be torn by human canines, and the tomato sauce is 5000 degrees…

Yeah. Hate that girl…

As a 12 year old kid, I envied those who could play music so fluidly.

Today, I’m 23. After year of discipline and desire and persistence, I’m one of those people who play several instruments (mostly guitar, piano, and sitar) fluidly. I now envy those who can sing. My range is quite low and limited so I’ll never really be able to sing no matter how much desire and discipline I apply to singing.

It’s still fun to play music, but always better if I have singer(s) to accompany me. Ah…there’s nothing like a room full of friends singling along to my playing the entire “Bohemian Rhapsody” on piano.

Yeah, he’s pretty good, but I can do that too. I play “Canon in D” with the same speed and accuracy in my arrangement, but I leave out the added flair (a couple small extra licks).

What really blows me away is watching Al Di Meola, John Petrucci, or John Mclaughlin, etc. I wish I could link to a video of Petrucci playing “Flight of the Bumble Bee” or Di Meola playing “Mediterranean Sundance.” Wow. Just, wow. I’ll never reach that level as a guitarist.

At the end of last semester our professor held a potluck at her house, and she had a piano. At the end of the party a few of us wandered over to it and started going through her sheet music, and when I started to play “All I Have to Do Is Dream” a bunch of people came over and sang along. It had been a long, long time since I’d accompanied anyone (I typically only play the piano at home), and I’d forgotten how much fun it is. :slight_smile:

I spoke too soon.

It’s not “Bumble Bee” but you get the idea.