You know you're having a bad day when...

You realize you’ve been running the wrong commercial for a client all month…

You get a nasty folder cut while filing contracts…

Your belt falls in the toilet while you’re going to the bathroom and you pee on it!!

Hey, I just did that one yesterday! It was a good day other than that, though.

…when you decide to put away your clean clothing, and end up standing there for a few moments trying to remember how to put them away.

…when you can’t figure out why the Zip disk won’t go in, and you’re a) putting it in upside down, b) putting it into the floppy drive, c) don’t have a Zip drive.

…when it takes you a full half hour to figure out you have the right shoe on the left foot, and vice versa.

…when you wonder why your hair isn’t getting brushed out and you realize that you’re holding the brush backwards.

…when you can’t understand why the coffee/tea is so light. (Because you forgot to put the coffee grinds/tea bags in.)

…when you realize you have nothing better to do for the day besides make up lists like these!

<< Reparations for Roman Slaves! >>

I remember reading a book once (or maybe it was just a short story) that began “You know you’re going to have a bad day when you wake up face down in the gutter”.