You Life-Sucking SDMB Bastages

I once had a life, but then I read the thread about Civilization tips. I thought “Hmm, better get the Civ II CD out.”

I’ve played - God, I dunno, 20 hours in the last three days? I can’t stop. I’m addicted again. I play it all night. I think about it at work. I just got off three hours of fighting a massive, two-front war against the Zulus and all I can think about is getting back in there to launch my next assault.

Once again, Civ II is taking over my life.

Fie! Fie on you for re-addicting me! Would you hand the bottle back to an alcoholic? Would you take a gambling addict to Vegas? My productivity will sink like a stone for the next two weeks.

Excuse me. Civ II awaits.

Fuck Civ II. Have you played Diablo II yet?

Hell with THAT, where’s the thread with Civ II tips?

Thursday is Garbage Day in Somerville. Harvard students cruise around in bunches, scouting for furniture and stuff to use.

Last month somebody found my Civ II and Civ II: Other Worlds pack, bundled neatly together, with all my documenation and disks intact and a note saying I loved it too much and it needed a good home.

When I left for work in the morning it was gone.

I just got Half Life tonight. Anyone think it’s good? Bad? Neither?

Techchick, it’s here:

Ah! Sorry…Falcon, Falcon, Falcon.
Damn double fisting it…I’m reading a post by Techchick too. It is SO time to go to bed right now.

There is really only one Civ II tip: Build Da Vinci’s Workshop.

Damn good, especially considering its age. It’s pretty creepy. Not as spooky as System Shock 2 is or Alice looks to be, but it’s very replayable. It also has addictive multiplayer capabilities and enough additional single- and multi-player modifications to last you until the next ice age.

Damn straight, 'Gene. I still rank Half-life as my #1 game, even with the advent of Diablo 2 and Quake 3. It’ll get your nerves on end… and there’ll come a point (right before you first find the rocket launcher, actually) when you’ll start screaming “FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING HELICOPTER FUCKER!!!”


Oh, and Civ II sucks. :smiley:

Are you kidding me? I’ve finished it with all five characters. If “Corpse Explosion” isn’t the coolest thing in the history of PC gaming, I don’t know what is. THAT game just about finished me.

And “Rollercoaster Tycoon” has caused many, many sleepless nights.

I’m pleased to report that my campaign against the evil Zulus was greatly enhanced when I successfully waged a hideous, genocidal war of conquest agsinst the Spanish, wiping them out and giving me bases from which to launch further assaults upon the Zulus. I must first take their port cities, as they are constructing a modern navy to challenge my own. Updates to follow.

Stuck at work…

And I just got Baldur’s Gate II over the weekend. And now I am desperate to load up good 'ol Civ II. God, I should have taken the day off today.


Oh Fuck off. All of you. FUCK OFF

After reading the other Civ thread, I went home and decided to load it up after not playing for several months. I go get the CD. It’s not in the CD case. No problem, I think. SO cleaned up the office a few months ago and put a bunch of stuff in the basement. It must be down there.

I go to the basement. It’s not there, either. OK, I think. Maybe it got put in a music CD case by mistake.

I go through all my music CDs. Alphabetize them while I’m at it. No Civ II. No Civ Call to Power.

On a happy note, I did find the original 5.25" disk for Civ I. 'Course, I no longer own a computer with a 5.25" disk drive, but if I did, I could play Civ I.

Three days later, still no Civ II or Civ Call to Power. I hear that CtoP II is coming out soon, guess I’ll get that. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send me a copy of the CD (I think that’s legal - I really did buy both games) I’d be forever in your debt.

Diablo 2 sucks after a while though. (my version of a while being level 60 and up for multiple characters) Starcraft owns all. (and counterstrike beats the hell out of half-life:))

I have been romping thru BGII for the past month is a great addictive game. after I completed it twice I deceided to play with some of the cheats and going thru again.
great game.


I loved playing this game, until I discovered Nukes. What the hell is the deal with giving every Civ the capability of building Nukes? I DISCOVERED IT, WTF??? Oh you just became the most powerful nation in the world, but its not fair to the greeks who just discoverd gunpowder that you have nukes, or to the Romans, who are just a couple of steps behind you. WHY??? Did every one get gunpowder when I discovered it? Why nukes then??

I never really liked call to power, as the AI was kinda lacking. I remember quite a few games of an inferior enemy decide to attack me with its woodenships, when I had subs and planes. I did like the new goverments and special units though.

Which reminds me of the famous annoyance with Civ I. That not insignificant probablility that a city foritfied with a phalanx could defeat my B-52. Those guys can toss their bronze spears pretty high.

Anyone else play Alpha Centauri? Any game with singularity engines and semi-sentient pink fungus is OK by me.

I gave Call to Power an honest try and threw away the CD. I thought it was awful. It was just so damned BORING - the screen was plain and blank, everything looked flat. The Wonders of the World were stupid. It just wasn’t up to Civ standards.

Alpha Centauri Rules.

Have you ever tried making your own energy park? Send out formers to mountain desert plateaus. Raise everything to 3000 meters +. Then grid in solor colectors and echelon mirrors. Then, have all your formers drill to aquifer. Send in the convoys. Ahhhhh, precious energy…

One better. Battleship vs Militia. Battleship went DOWN!

I was so happy to nuke their pathetic butts…

Historical precedent. The “secret” of nuclear weapons didn’t remain an American monopoly very long IRL (it was about four years, IIRC). Why should it do so in Civ I or II?

Haven’t played CtP, but I think that the intelligence engines in Civ I and II are just too insanely aggressive. When I have Labor Union, Advanced Flight, and Espionage whilst my opponent is still working on Tactics, and I’ve already smashed all of his armies and seized three-quarters of his cities, his demanding that I pay him 500 gold to get a cease-fire gets old pretty fast.

(Hey! Maybe the intelligence engine is cleverly trying to bore me to death. Yeah, that’s the ticket. :rolleyes: )

Hmmm, lots of nerds in this thread. I’m so outta here!