You may force the cancellation of any one show currently on televison. Which one?

You may also exile its star(s) and/or producers to – oh, let’s say Mordor.

I’ll go with Nancy Grace and its eponymous host. There are worse people in the world, but few more annoying, willfully stupid, and implicitly racist.

Hannity and Colmes. Couldn’t care less where Colmes goes, Hannity is exiled to a camp near Darfur. I’ve actually heard Bill O’Reilly make insightful and intelligent comments (some of which, for the record, I didn’t agree with but still thought were well expressed), and while they were certainly the minority of his posturings they far outnumber anything worth saying I’ve ever heard Hannity say. I’ve never heard anything from Hannity’s loud [freshman year flunkout turned disk jockey turned shock jock turned “journalist”] mouth that wasn’t parroted or just asinine, and I cringe whenever I hear him called a “journalist”.

My first inclination was to say, “why?” If I don’t like the show, I don’t have to watch it. But then I realized that taking it off the air might make people stop talking about it, and I decided to cancel American Idol. Everybody involved in the show is hereby exiled to a small island containing only food, water, a broken accordion, and and out-of-tune tuba.

I’m with InvisibleWombat. I don’t care about stupid shows I don’t watch, I care about stupid shows people never shut the hell up about. American Idol it is.

Nancy Grace needs to burn in the deep pits of Tarkna, I’ll grant you that.

Scripted television? I have no current show on my “must die” list, mostly out of respect for my fellow scribes. Even the ones I hate. (Up to you to decide who or what “the ones” applies to) As for reality shows… well… Dancing with the Tards (!) and American Idol can go straight to hell, if you ask me…

Why bother with posting comments 3and 4. They have nothing to do with the question being asked. Just don’t participate, then.

It’s not so much that I want Nancy Grace off the air; it’s that I want her returned to her Orc cousins. (I figure she is the love child forced on Celebrian by the “poisoned wound.” Only among her own folk will she be truly happy.

Trying to decide which one is making me almost as miserable as the ones I wish to go away.

I guess it’s a tie between Lost and American Idol.

Apart from that cancelling a tripe programme frees up the spot for something else that might,just might be enjoyable for people with an I.Q. of over 12.

I would cancel all of the Britains got Talent,X factor,Big Brother and all the other cloned rubbish and thinking about it would imprison anybody who asked for them to come back.

Also I’d have all the performers,production team etc. of programmes that feature amusing video clips sent in by the general public relocated to clearing up the rubbish on beaches at the Low tide mark every day at High tide for the rest of lives or until they drown whichever is more unpleasant.

I’d like to cancel the entire “Women Victims Network” aka “Lifetime.” It’s embarrassing.

Thank you.

Well, you have to choose one show. I guess you could count their original movies as a single series, though.

Off topic, I have a very disturbed male acquaintance who loves Lifetime movies because of the high probability of seeing a woman raped in any of them. I have declined for obvious reasons to ask what he does while watching these scenes.

Is Flavor of Love still on? If so I choose that one. I hate it with a burning passion.

Wrestling or NFL? What a choice!

The Office. I’m sick of hearing about that show. I"m also sick of hearing quotes from* Office Space*.

You, sir, are a genius. How those did not occur to me I do not know; WWE or F or whatever is far more annoying than Nancy Grace. Perhaps I should move some of my resources away from destroying Manhattan and towards manipulating events so that Grace wakes up in wrestling naked. Surely that would accomplish both ends.

Maury. If those sperm donors and sperm recipients are really that strident and ugly to each other and not just acting out for TV, their kids don’t have a chance.

According to Jim.

They just won’t cancel it, and I just want it to go away.

Oh, god, I didn’t think - can I take all football? Thank you.

Definitely American Idol.
Second choice would be Dancing with the Stars.

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.