You may know a stupider person, but I doubt it

My boss offered me a raise. I talked her out of it.

Can you be on crack without knowing it?

What are the circumstances?
Is the company in bad shape and you are trying to help keep it afloat?
Does the “More Money” require more work?

Do you have any stoner friends that might slip you a some drug without letting you know? :wink:


Sales are going well (I’m sales manager), and a deadweight salary just retired, freeing up some funds.

The company is in okay shape at the moment.

I guess the more money requires more guilt. My job is pretty damned easy, and I end up with a lot of free time at work. I have big responsibilities, but crises are rare and getting rarer. I feel like I’m coasting.

On the other hand, my husband’s medical bills are going to drown us and the money would have been useful.

I just didn’t feel right about taking it, but I feel like a fool for not taking it. I’m going to regret this one.

Oh, and my friends profess to be clueless about drugs, so I’m stuck blaming my mother for dropping me on my head or something.

I think I would have taken the money. I would consider it a reward for past work. If your job is getting easier, it could mean you made it easier. Coasting can be good, just because it is easy for you, does not mean someone else could step in and do it as well. If your boss offers you a nice year-end bonus, you should happily accept it and just thank them.
Good to see you checked the friend angle. :smiley:


Yeah. God, I’m stupid.

Hmm…yeah you are pretty stupid :wink:

But cheer up! You’re not as stupid as this dude.

I am so glad I am not stupid. I hope that guy’s mom finds that video online and grounds him until he is 50. Stupidass.

Confess to your boss that you suffer from bouts of temporary amnesia, and that you seem to recall having a meeting with her but you can’t remember what was discussed.

If you think that being an amnesiac might jeopardise your continued employment prospects where you are, try to take on as much additional work as you can and, after a suitable interval, go back to her and make a case for an increase.

Circumstances change. There may be a time in the future when you consider that you deserve a raise but none is forthcoming. You may think this is unlikely right now but you never know.

I would definitely have taken the cash but, jsgoddess, I sincerely admire and respect your concept of professional morality. Regrettably, in a work environment anyway, this is a rare commodity.

When in Rome.