You now have gigabucks, how would the money not change you?

If I was massively wealthy, I’d still enjoy things like reading and watching movies pretty much the same way I do now. The main limit on these activities is time so having more money wouldn’t change the way I partake of them.

I’m already retired so working is a non-issue.

I’d still post here on the board. But I’d have a staff of experts and writers to back me up.

Managing that fortune would take a significant chunk of time. And I’ve got in mind several projects of varying lengths to keep me interested.

But I’d still need plenty of ‘me time’, just quietly doing whatever.

Me too! :wink: :smiley:

I’d still play a ton of games. I’d have more time now, with no job, so it would be like every weekend for me

My husband and I have a hobby/side business of buying and renovating houses. We do almost all of the work ourselves, which we enjoy even though it isn’t always fun. I think we’d still do the renos, but I would never hang another sheet of drywall. Not even one. And somehow installing finishing plumbing is always a frustrating experience, hunched up under sinks and whatnot. So perhaps we would hire that out. But we’d still be constantly working on and building something. We just wouldn’t have to worry about the financial side of it.

I’d still wear jeans most of the time. And comfortable running shoes. I’d still do a lot of cooking-- in fact, maybe even more. I’d still keep my consulting business going, but maybe doing less of it and more remotely. I’d keep my house, although I might rent it out and live somewhere else nearby. I’d still drink mostly the same wine, but probably the pricier stuff from the same vineyards (less Talbot Kali Hart and more Diamond T and Cuvee Sarah Case).

I would still draw and write and try to create things.

I’d still love to read. Might need a bigger house for the books.

a) I would keep my job, although I might be goaded to look for one I liked better and be more willing to risk the jump if I found one

b) I would keep wearing the same clothes I wear now on a day to day basis

c) I would eat pretty much the same as I do now (which is pretty damn good most of the time, btw)

d) I’d use the same computer, although I would cheerfully drop a few dozen kilobucks to get some peripherals made as a custom order that are not available (/rant)

f) I’d continue to commute using the LIRR a good portion of the time, likewise the subway within NYC

g) I’d still go on long walks for exercise and enjoyment

Yeah, all that stuff

I’d still call the place I now live home. I’ ve lived in this city all my life.

Of course I’ve traveled. For three years also I was in the military, and for three years I lived in East Lansing MI.

But Kansas is home. I wouldn’t move away.

We’d still live in the same house (but we’d fix it up a bit better, and it would cease to be our only house), wear the same clothes, send the Firebug to the same school, keep the same friends, drive the same cars.

We’d take some of the same vacations (I still want to hike the Highline a few more times in this life), but more of them, and also go to some places I wouldn’t otherwise get to.

A lot of things would change, starting with kissing the jobs goodbye.

I can’t believe someone on this board actually believes this nonsense. You’re trying to be funny, right?

I’d still post here, but I’d probably end up buying the board and turning it into my own personal version of the defunct TV show ‘I bet you will’. My taste in art (music, film, etc) wouldn’t change. My family bonds hopefully wouldn’t change.

It is my understanding that you are more likely to die in a small plane or helicopter than on a commercial flight. Am I wrong? If I’m going to fly to Chicago for lunch, which is more likely to end in my death: a first class ticket on international airline XYZ or a comfy leather couch on my buddy’s Gulfstream?

Who cares? The risk difference between a corporate jet (which may not even be considered small aircraft) and a commercial airliner is probably tiny. Either one is far safer than driving your car.

I would still put on my pants one legs at a time before I go out and make Gold Records.

Tiny but finite, and infinite downside. Flying on anything smaller than a big commerical jet has no appeal for me. I’m just not into that particular status symbol. Certainly not enough to outweigh the “tiny” risk. When I get some spare time, maybe I’ll look up the crashes per takeoff/landing.

How do cars come into it? You seem to have confused me with one of those people who are afraid of flying in general.

I’m saying that referring to a particular mode of travel as “too dangerous” is silly if it’s safer than a mode of travel that you use daily.

Chartered jets experienced 4 fatalities in the decade between 2001-10. I’d say that’s pretty damn safe.

My passion/fanaticism for bowling, baseball and tennis would remain unchanged, although my ability to pursue them would become frightening, I suspect.

I keep thinking that there must be other ways in which I wouldn’t change, but I’ve sat here for several minutes thinking about it, and I’ve got nothing.

Damn. That’s impressive. When I get my gigabucks, chartered jets for me all the way.