You now have gigabucks, how would the money not change you?

Wouldn’t make any of us any younger.

Hm, I would still be diabetic, and have debilitating joint and back issues, and some assorted other health issues though I would make a few changes. I would still love my husband, and remain friends with my current core of friends.

What would change?

Money would make life easier, but other than material goods, I can not see anything that would change. I would have to be careful of making new friends, in case someone wants to get money or something from me. I would have to be more careful about being kidnapped or threatened. But that all goes for anybody who comes into that kind of money.

I liked Qwilleran’s solution - he kept enough income to live how he wanted and the rest got turned over to a group to administer it so he didn’t have to deal with the requests for money from people.

With a decent place to live, and an income to support the lifestyle you want to live, how much more stuff do you really need? A reasonable way to look at things. He had several properties, his vehicle, his pair of siamese cats and a job he liked that he didn’t need to support himself with so he spent his time enjoying himself [well and solving crime.]

The things I enjoy the most in life would remain exactly the same…I would just be able do them more often. That is:

[li]Playing guitar and singing in bands[/li][li]Writing and recording original songs[/li][li]Listening to music[/li][li]Hanging out with my best friends[/li][li]Reading[/li][li]Walking in the park or other natural settings[/li][li]Travel[/li][/ul]

I would absolutely not change my wardrobe of choice (jeans, T-shirt, sweatshirt, sneakers). I guess the difference is now I could wear them all the time, as I wouldn’t be working and wouldn’t have to bother with any other outfits.

While I would upgrade my place of residence and the vehicle I drive, I could never choose anything for either that would smack of ostentation. Practicality and comfort would be the main criteria.

That goes for any of the other trappings of great wealth that usually come to mind. None of them hold any interest for me, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable indulging in them.

I know this sounds like the politically correct thing to say…but while I doubtless would hold back a portion of my wealth for myself and my family, I honestly believe I would try to find practical and responsible ways to give most of it away to and/or make it work for others in need.

Eh. I’d still be doing a lot of the same stuff, only in a better place in a different part of the country and using better computer hardware. I’d still run Linux, use all the same application software, and use all the same programming languages for my various hobby software development: One of the things about software development is that, aside from some outliers for really specialized systems, the serious development tools are either free-of-charge or cheap enough you don’t need gigabucks to legally license them. Additionally, the theoretically interesting programming languages are all implemented by software available free-of-charge. Frankly, the only way for me to spend gigabucks on software would be to commission someone to write a lot of bespoke software and then overpay for it.

I’d wear t-shirt and jeans, but they’d be better-made than Walmart stuff because I don’t like clothes shopping and well-made clothes last longer. Ditto shoes. That said, dressing like that still doesn’t require being Warren Buffet (and have you seen how he dresses?), only being a few steps up from the average Walmart employee.

I’d eat the same as I do now, maybe going out more often, but I’m not going to go to Florence just to get authentic Italian, for example. I’m going to go to Florence because it’s part of the Western Cultural Heritage and the prospect of spending another winter in Montana has begun to pale. Again, good food is more expensive than bad, but there’s a point at which you’ve topped out: You might be able to justify spending $50 for a steak meal based solely on the quality of the food compared to a $5 steak meal, but $500 for a steak meal means you’re paying for something other than the food.

So, if I’m not going to eat any better, and there isn’t any software I could buy that I can’t already afford, what would I buy? The future. I’d invest in charitable foundations and think tanks and generally out-Koch the Koch brothers in using my wealth to shape the national conversation. Having a foot in the door when it comes to water rights discussions, for example, might be very valuable.

With this particular reality cheat mode turned on, my life would be quite different. Certainly I wouldn’t work a day job. I’d be an angel investor in a few fields I have an avocational interest in currently, and I’d probably be on the boards of some environmental charities (buying my way in through large donations). Ten billion dollars isn’t just life changing money, it is world changing money, especially when leveraged properly!

I’d do a lot more traveling too, especially to remote and exotic corners of the world.

My lifestyle would stay about the same; I would have a larger house but still no car. I suspect I would give away a lot more money but I would probably hire professionals to advise me on that.

Actually, there is a consensus amongst a lot of lottery winners that keeping your friends is a very hard thing to do. It’s not that the lottery winners don’t want to be friends any more but rather the friends don’t want to hang with the lottery winner.

Jealousy is an ugly beast.

I think at least part of the problem becomes having to tell all of your friends “no” when they start asking for money. They get pissed.

I would continue my MBA program till I graduated. I might switch from marketing to finance, though, given the pile of money I would now be managing.

I would probably still drive myself. Also, the things I really wanted to do wouldn’t change - I’d just have more time to do them without having to worry about working for someone else.

My penis would still be exactly the same size.

I think the money would change people more than they think. I bet “money won’t change me” is the FIRST THING these lottery trainwrecks say.

A lot of people get so used to living within the limitations of their life (due to poverty, culture, whatever) they can’t imagine the idea of getting a license and driving their own car, having a house with a yard instead of an apartment next to a crackhouse, or eating at a restaurant fancier than Golden Corral.

That’s absolutely true. There are several friendships I maintain because I might need something from the people involved some day, and I suspect that a lot of people could say the same thing. If I had untrammelled wealth, there are a lot of people I would probably never talk to again.

And you without sin among you may cast the first stone.

Yeah, I just don’t think people realize how hard going to work is if you don’t have to, and how much compromise we do in our day-to-day lives because we can’t afford not to.

Where we live, what we do, what we eat/drive/wear, who we hang with, all are going to be hugely impacted by how much money we have. Putting up with bullshit at work if you don’t have to? Few of us would do that. Putting up with the bad commute, annoying neighbors, too narrow hallway when we don’t have to?

Human beings like ease. We tend to make our lives as easy as we can afford.

I don’t think my interests would change, but my ability to pursue them certainly would!

I don’t think my lifestyle would change, that is, I don’t think I’d become a partier or a socialite or anything like that. I wouldn’t have a house full of live-in servants, and I don’t think I’d have a driver, either.

I like going on cruises and I’d do that more, but I would change from inside cabins to suites - a minor change, you know… :wink:

Personally I can imagine lots of ways in which I would change. But the OP was asking for the exceptions.

Probably more of one, since you could buy and sell the rest of us. :wink:

That would be fun - there are a couple of cruise lines that advertise an around the world cruise that would be a blast.

And over on CruiseCritics several people have done the cruise back to back to back for long term living options that sounded fun if you could get one of the really nice owner suite level suites. It would be nice to get to really know [professionally speaking] your steward and the concierge and other staff on the boat.

Right but my point is that it seems like a lot of posters are overstating the ways it wouldn’t change them. Because who wants to admit if they got Gigabucks they’d be lazy, bossy, pay people to do arbitrary things for them, become much more materialistic, etc? They’ll tailor their responses to make it look like they are humble deep down and ‘above’ the influence of money.

Several people have mentioned, for example, that they wouldn’t dress differently (some would be willing to buy better quality versions of the same clothes they wore). I can admit I would dress differently. I’d buy custom-tailored tuxedos and suits. Would I be pimp-walking down the boulevard in my monocle and top hat? Of course not. But it would be nice to have a set of custom tailored clothes for different occasions, instead of having to rent an ill-fitting one.

Next time I see some rich guy in a fedora, untucked XKCD shirt, cargo shorts and crocs I’ll ask if he too posts on the SDMB :stuck_out_tongue:

Barmah (when I wear a hat), mashup tshirt (tucked), jeans and cheap walking shoes, but I’d still be wearing that sort of thing if I was a billionaire. I fucking hate suits.

But yeah, I would buy a complete tuxedo with tails, top hat and a monocle, just for giggles. Show up where some of my friends were and talk in a phony semi-British accent about how dull and pedestrian their pathetic peasant lives were before laughing myself silly. :stuck_out_tongue: