You now have gigabucks, how would the money not change you?

You sound like you would be like Zoidberg in Futurama when everybody gets the $300 Nixon fun bux.


Yes, monocle!

I’m not saying I wouldn’t change. But my cheapness would keep me humble. I still would not shop at Whole Foods. If I needed a t-shirt, I’d buy a 6 pack at Costco or on Amazon. I’d never drop $120 for a plain white t-shirt because someone famous threw money at it (no you are not missing some subtlety, secret logo, or included $100 bill. I might start buying $40 jeans instead of $20, but $100+ would be an insult to my sensibilities. I never really cared about labels, and I wouldn’t start. I would just not be as picky about, say, whether I should buy the $300 iThingy instead of the $200 and save money.

I would use it to facilitate my creative impulses, so it would not change me by letting me be the creative person I am.

I would also remain a hermit, something I have come to treasure as time has gone on, where only stupid obligations prevent me from being entirely cut off from humanity for weeks at a time. Money would eliminate most of those obligations, and even give me new ways to avoid people.