you people rock

Here I sit on a way too early Sunday morning, generally pissed off because I had to be here at 0630, specifically pissed off because one of the (other) bonehead operators installed Win Media Player 7 on all the NT boxes (incompatability problems, y’know) and therefore I can’t listen to the classic rock oldies show that runs here on Sunday AM, so I punch up the SDMB. A few threads in MPSIMS and the Pit and I’ve calmed down enough to reinstall WMP 6.4 and by now I’ve actually had several chuckles, many outright laughs and at least one genuine guffaw. It’s a good thing that I’m by myself here - others would be looking at me strangely.

I love the sense of humor of intelligent people.

The flip side is, of course, that not much has gotten done this morning.

Not that it ever does on Sunday AM anyway…


psst . . . hey, you! Yeah, you, the newbie! I would say I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and welcome aboad, but I won’t welcome you unless you go to this thread.

::tips hat::

Welcome aboard(s) mdf!

You’ll find the gang to a bit daft but very friendly.

Hi. Welcome. Fun. Have some.