You Pick The Movie I'll Watch Tonight

Tonight’s choices, courtesy of Netflix:
Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut** A classic, I’ve heard, but have never seen. Sleeve says psychological thriller about a suburban teen coming face to face with his dark destiny. Looking forward to watching it.
The Station Agent ** Small independent about a young dwarf that moves to an abandoned train station in New Jersey.

**Brokeback Mountain ** I think we all know what this one’s about.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me which of these will entertain me the most this evening. You have 3 hours. And… go!

Brokeback Mountain.

Of those three I say “The Station Agent.” No reason why; that’s just my vote.

Given unlimited options, I’d recommend “An Evening With Kevin Smith.” I can’t say enough good things about this piece of work.

But given the limted choices for tonight, go with “The Station Agent.”

I’d say The Station Agent - save the mainstream flick for a day when you’re bored out of your mind

Donnie Darko.

Another vote for The Station Agent.

Normally, I’d say DD, but I really don’t like the director’s cut. It just explains too much.

Go with Station Agent. Excellent character based flick.

Agreed; The Station Agent was terrific.

Brokeback Mountain: sad.

The Station Agent: funny, offbeat, low-key and sad.

Donny Darko: sad and really strange.

All three have excellent performances; but I’d probably go with The Station Agent. In fact, I think I’ll buy that movie so I can watch it again some time.

Donnie Darko!

I predict you will watch Donnie Darko!

The Station Agent. I haven’t seen it. I know nothing about it, but there’s a midget prominently involved.

I haven’t seen DD, but of the other two, I recommend Brokeback Mountain – a truly excellent film, though very sad. Station Agent was okay, but nothing to write home (or on a message board) about.

I recommend Donnie Darko if you’re in the mood for high weirdness, 'Eighties nostalgia (“Grr…Dukakis…you tell 'em, George!”), and a metaphysical mystery. I don’t have any opinion as to the theatrical cut (which I saw twice) over the Director’s Cut–which I don’t think overexplains, but the material it provides isn’t really necessary–but you might want to fast forward through most of the bits with Drew Barrymore, who is totally out of place in the film. This gets my vote.

The Station Agent is a decent alt-dramcom with excellent performances by Peter Dinklage and the always entertaining Patricia Clarkson. The penultimate development is a bit of a pointless twister, but the quiet moments where Dinklage is expecting to be met by prejudice or curiosity about his stature, and instead finds acceptance and curiosity about his life and passion (trains and trainwatching) is great. It’s not my favorite, but worth a viewing.

I really don’t see the point of Brokeback Mountain other than displaying Anne Hathways’ impressive but overrated rack. Other than the fact that it was the first mainstream film to depict a gay relationship, it’s not really that interesting of a story; if the leads were opposite sexes it would be hackneyed meladrama. Meh.


The winner, with a total of seven votes, is Station Agent.

Tomorrow I will watch the other two.

Thanks everyone for playing!

What did you think of Brokeback?

Sometimes that’s all I need.

I’m just starting Brokeback right now, if I can get past the 178 previews I’m unable to FF through. I’ve pretty much guaranteed that my 8 year old will leave me alone to watch it since I’ve grossed him out with the description.

I loved The Station Agent- excellent acting and now I have a wee crush (no pun intended) on Peter Dinklage. I don’t care if he is a midget, he’s hot.

Well. That Heath Ledger is er… mmm. Whoa.

I did enjoy the movie. It did come very close to making me uncomfortable but that’s nothing new for the movies now is it. Good acting, I thought, if a little overwrought with the emotions. Glad I watched it.

I love all 3 movies mentioned here. Own them, in fact.

Glad you are enjoying your “critics’ picks.”