You say you want a Revolution! The growing right wing anger and threats

I’m seeing this more and more. Alex Jones just advocated for revolution and killing liberals. On one of the pages I follow today, this guy came in screaming about liberals. Had 186 responses to this troll before I got there. I clicked on his name, which gave me his FB page. There he is, advocating revolution and violence against liberals. :smack:

I’m not going to wave my dick around here at all. I’m not going to participate in that discussion.

You people have full control of the federal government, you can’t accomplish jack and yet you’re still pushing the anger and fear buttons and walking straight into KILL PEOPLE!!! territory. Shame on you all. This is your character and your quality. There is nothing there to respect or engage.

Look in the mirror at what you’ve become, and dial it back.

What do you expect? I mean, honestly? This is the party that looked at Donald Trump and said, “Yeah, this sounds like a good idea.”

All these bleating right wingers are getting crazier and crazier. Everything was hunky dory in their world while it was only the black people being held by poverty. But now they feel left out, excluded from a better life and thinking their white-is-right status is in jeopardy. Welcome to the ghetto honkies.

- What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Just as relevant as ever.

One aspect of the backlash fever is that the cultural promises aren’t delivered. Abortion isn’t stopped, immigration isn’t reversed, school prayer isn’t enshrined, public universities still teach underwater feminist weaving, and people still say happy holidays. The only promises that get fulfilled are give aways to the rich. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now, since Trump was supposed to be the big break with the corrupt establishment. He was supposed to build a wall, throw NAFTA on the ash heap of history, and punish women for abortions.

Cool! I found my band name!!!

The failure to accomplish any of these things will be the fault of the Deep State, which is, of course, run by …

They see Trump taking on the “corrupt establishment” - Congress, Activist Judges, federal bureaucracy and the Mainstream Media - and losing. And they see the “corrupt establishment” engaging in a witch hunt against Trump.

Right, but then what? I’ve been predicting the right to go heavy religious for years now, so maybe if I keep it up I’ll be right someday. I figured a hardcore Christian would be an obvious sell for the great clash of civilizations against Islam, and it’s trivial to spin a spiritual renewal as the solution to America’s problems. As long as they believe in supply-side Jesus I don’t see why the business people would care.

There was an Afghanistan War documentary that had a funny moment where the Muslims were saying Western culture is decadent and materialistic and they wanted nothing to do with it, then it cut to one of the new schools where a teacher was explaining Duchamp’s toilet art to Muslim kids. The absurdity and futility of the project, the ignorance of the planners, it all came together like an Onion article in the flesh.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Trump is toilet art.

Serious question. Is this kind of rhetoric really new, or is it just more accessible now due to the internet?

Confirmation bias, coupled with the unshakeable belief that the plural of anecdote is data.


Got link and quote? That always helps. Not “the guy on the internet*” whose FB page you went to. Alex Jones.

*I found some guy on the internet advocating revolution. We’re doomed.

I can PM you the guy’s name and location for the FB page. But he may suddenly make his page private as I left a review on his business (a medical marijuana co-op in California) pointing out his FB page.

For Alex Jones;

Say what you will about confirmation bias, but how many times pre-internet featured someone as noxious, toxic, and insane as Alex Jones in a significant position when it came to the news?

Given enough anecdotes and sooner or later you have something that, if not data, at least points to what the data might be missing.

I hope Alex Jones goes to prison for inciting violence and threatening a federal official. Despite his claims of ‘‘performance art’’ I think there is a case to be made. He recently announced, during that whole fiasco with his ex-wife, that his ramblings were 100% real and not a persona.

Just reading his quote in that article made me all cringey. I can’t imagine why anyone would listen to that bloviating idiot. He sounds like a drunk yelling from a barstool.

Look, they did the craziest thing they could come up with, electing Donald Trump in an effort to effect change. It has failed to improve their lives one iota. Now, which way do you think they’ll turn the dial, more crazy, or less?

I’m betting that since ignorance and insanity got them into this mess, they’ll count on ignorance and insanity to get them out. It’s going to get worse, count on it.

Honestly, I’ve been sort of expecting something like this. We have a 20-year trend of braying radio hucksters who would foment civil war to make a few extra bucks hawking dodgy gold investment schemes and shelf-stable survival meals, coupled with a “President” who never met an unfounded conspiracy he didn’t like. What else could happen?

Some poor innocent bastards are eventually gonna get killed in this crossfire of irresponsibility, and when that happens I hope these fear-mongering assholes eventually pay a legal price for their incitement.

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich but at least they had an agenda they wanted to accomplish. Even George W. Bush had his neocon foreign policy.

But the current crop of Republicans have nothing. They became completely defined by their opposition to the Democrats. They even opposed things they wanted if the Democrats agreed with them. They stood for nothing except disagreeing with everything the Democrats said and using that to win power.

Well, it worked. They caught the car. And now they have no idea what to do with it.

He really should quit cutting into his profits. :wink:

Excellent point!