You show up for a hair appointment, and it's a different stylist. What do you do?

Let’s say you’ve been going to a salon for several years, and have a regular stylist. Today you show up for your appointment, and the Manager tells you that XXX is no longer with them, but that YYY will take care of you.

You look at YYY, and aren’t favorably impressed by her. As in, you think her hair is style looks carelessly done, messy, not as flattering as it should be.

What do you do?

I’m indifferent about who cuts my hair, but that’s just me. Hell, I went to Supercuts for years.

What does it matter what YYY’s hair looks like - if anything, that means don’t go to her stylist. Just like the logic puzzle.

I’m reminded of the riddle about going to a town where there were two barbers – one of whom had an excellent haircut, and one of whom had a bad haircut, and the riddle was, “which barber should you choose to cut your hair?” (The answer, of course, is the one with the bad haircut, since he’d obviously cut the other barber’s hair, and done a good job with it.) (Dammit, ninjaed by muldoonthief!)

I’ve had the same stylist cutting my hair for 20 years (I’m a guy, but I used to work in the haircare industry, and I’m still fussy that way :wink: ). If my longtime stylist were to have quit the salon before my next appointment, they would have contacted me right away, and given me options, rather than wait to spring it on me once I’d arrived.

Wherever you go, don’t go to the guy who cuts my hair.

I still do, so yes, I would proceed with the haircut.

There are days that my stylist’s hair doesn’t look so hot. Because, like the rest of us, she overslept or had something go wrong that meant she didn’t have the time to do her own hair. And let’s be honest, working in a salon isn’t the best environment for making sure that the employees’ hair always looks its best.

I had a similar experience earlier this year. It was free. I’ve been going to the same stylist for 5 years. He and a few other people resigned and opened a new salon.

I received a free cut from another stylist and tipped $20. However, I decided to follow my regular stylist since his new salon is in a part of Chicago that I enjoy and he’s excellent.

You won’t get a decent male haircut in Chicago for less than $40 so once you find someone you look like, just stick with them.
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I’d let them do it because don’t give any shits. I wouldn’t even cross my fingers.* I’m* not the one that has to look at my hair, it is you people, out there in the world.

But who shaves the hair stylist?

[And where…]

[OK I’ll be good…]
I had this happen back in August. My strategy was to give each remaining gal one chance, and the location manager herself did as good as job as the departed one. If she is having an off day I just come back when she is on duty.

I’ve never met anyone who looks like me no matter what they do for a living.

I caught that also^^^^
I have very long hair, it’s straight as a board. Cutting it even and level is hard. Stylists hate me. I go in with a small ruler so we are on the same page as to what an inch is. I read 'em the riot act. So …they hate me. I pay the full price of a cut without cutting in layers or styling. I even go in with wet hair. I expect the results I get. So far so good. I have seen some horrible results with stylists and patrons not understanding each other. Speak up people, it is a service you are paying for.

I found a guy who looks just like me to do my hair. The front and sides look great but I never know how he’s doing in the back.

I asked this question of my gf. Her answer, “Grab a pair of scissors and take a hostage”.

I’m not sure if she’s joking.

I honestly do not know what I would do. The barber I use is about a 75 minute drive from me. I’m overdue for a haircut/beard work, but Thursdays are the only day that works for both of us. Luckily, he is the only barber at the shop.

Wow, the poll numbers surprise me – I’m amazed that so many people are pretty much “eh, whatever” about letting people cut their hair. When I think of how long it can take to grow out a really bad mistake…

To the people that thought how the stylist’s hair looks is irrelevant, well, I can somewhat see your point. Yes, obviously we all have ‘bad hair days’ sometimes. And clearly it doesn’t matter if I like her hair style as a thing in itself – it has to suit her type of hair and tastes, whether it would look good on me doesn’t apply.

But I can’t help thinking that how well the style is carried out reflects on how meticulous she will be about the work she produces.

I wear my hair shortish, smooth with just a bit of curve. No tumbling curls to help disguise any irregularity in the lines, and no way to tweak the style to hide if she cuts it too short on the sides or whatever.

I also dislike that the salon did not call me before hand to tell me about the change. Time to check out a new place, I guess.

Another “don’t care”. I go to the same shop almost every time, but don’t care which of the 4-5 stylists I end up with. I get a haircut, beard trim and shoulder massage for $15 plus tip. Sometimes it’s perfect, other times it’s just OK. I’m fine with it either way.

Well, a good stylist would have notified me that she had moved, but in case it just happened, I would try to find out where she is now, and move to her new salon.

Up until a couple of years ago, specifically May of 2016, I would have said go with whoever. But then this happened, and I got a bad cut, plus the stylist was not very respectful. Basically, I was getting it cut right before going on a trip, and the whole of the trip my bangs were too short, plus my head was sore for days because she didn’t take care about combing my long, very fine, very tangly hair, plus she argued with me about what I wanted. No, sorry; I want what I want. I don’t want long layers. She cut it in long layers.

It’s kind of an ordeal for me anyway, even when things go well. The good stylist made it worth it, the not-so-good one didn’t. YMMV.

You can’t judge the stylist on his/her own hair though, really. Someone else in the salon probably did it.

It’s rare that I see the same stylist twice, so I’m not sure how upset I’d be in the hypothetical. I guess if I were really attached to someone and they were just gone temporarily (sick, family emergency, etc.) I’d say no thanks and come back later to see my usual person. In this case, where my usual is permanently gone and didn’t leave any info for me to follow them… whatever. May as well see if the replacement is good. Maybe they’ll become my new regular.