You think you're in Las Vegas - but you're not!

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Most likely, you won’t see Las Vegas at all. You will land at the airport in Paradise NV, and you might be staying at Circus Circus in Winchester NV. These two places are actually “unincorporated towns” and don’t appear in postal addresses (“Las Vegas” and the zip code is sufficient city info for these places)

If you’re at the Strat(osphere) Tower or “downtown”, you’re in Las Vegas.

Or, if you took a wrong turn in Albuquerque, you could end up in an entirely different Las Vegas.

Dear God, I hope not!

I thought Stephen King blew that up. Twice!

And this is exactly why the story of you hooking up with the random stranger in the elevator in a drunken haze winds up getting back to your spouse.

So you may THINK what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but you may not be in Vegas.

This is jolly interesting to me, since I live in the Uk and have taken many holidays in what I thought was “Las Vegas”.

So when I fly into McCarran airport, I’m in Paradise?! :fearful: :flushed:

I’ve stayed at the Luxor Hotel (that seems to be in Vegas :sunglasses:) and the Orleans Hotel (apparently that’s in Vegas too.)

I’ve visited the Bellagio (Vegas) and the Wynn (Vegas) as well as Freemont Street (still Vegas.)

I’ve passed by Teller’s house in the desert (also Las Vegas) and admired the duo of Penn and Teller at the Rio (still Vegas.)

I shall enjoy chatting with my Vegas friends about this next time I go.

You can view the city limits of Vegas via this Google Maps link. As you can see, the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip) and Sahara Ave. is the southern border of the city - the rest of the Strip below that is in unincorporated Clark County. That’s by design - the mob bosses and other entrepreneurs who opened the earliest resorts on the Strip did so to evade regulations present on Fremont St., a few miles to the north, the historical portion of which is entirely within city limits.

Personally, I’m intrigued by some of the tiny enclaves northwest of the touristy part of town, in some of which it looks like there are individual properties that have never been annexed into the city.

No kidding. That dump needed to be torn down 40+ years ago.

So is that where the Eddie Money song came from? Two Tickets to Paradise…pack your bags we’ll leave tonight? Maybe he was just going to Vegas. Lol jk.

I had a 1 hour layover in Vegas once a long time ago. The airport is basically just another casino, but with planes!

I only had a couple of dollars on me and I really only had time to do one of two things: stick my two bucks in a slot machine, or get a couple of tacos at Taco Bell (it was right next to my connecting gate). There was really no winning choice there. I went with the Taco Bell.

I got in trouble at McLarin when I allowed my son (8 years old) to help me play a slot machine.

What did you win?

Gastrointestinal distress.

When you go to Taco Bell, everyone’s a winner!

At least you don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings.

I got a Royal Flush on a video poker machine at the Reno airport once. $4,000!. Felt great the whole flight home.


Nope. Neither of them are in Las Vegas.

Just one of those three is in Las Vegas: the Fremont Street Experience.

Nope; not Las Vegas.

Actually, I live in Paradise.


Royal Flushes for everyone!

I once needed a Royal Flush after visiting Taco Bell too often.

Paradise? Somebody laid the mountains low, while the town got high?