You too can be a superhero!

Apparently there are people running around in costume, feeding the homeless and almost getting into fights with drug dealers.

So what are you waiting for?

To become bulletproof or at least immune from prosecution. I’ve been shot at. It ain’t really fun like in the comics/movies.

There are a whole bunch of these Real Life Superheroes. Not my thing, but if someone wants to go around doing good deeds in spandex, have at it. As long as they stay out of my bar, I don’t care.

What will probably end up happening is that one of these weirdos will pepper spray an innocent person or go out and get themselves killed.

My favorites:

Captain Ozone
Captain Black
Zimmer (just a picture of a kid)

I feel so safe, knowing they’re out there to protect me.

I dunno…Zimmer does have a “space blanket,” whatever that is.

Now, if anyone is going to strike fear into the hearts of the evildoers, it’s going to be Peter Pixie:

Crackheads and gangbangers are scared to death of guys who dress up like glam rock musicians. Behold the power of his glittery makeup and bowler hat!

And, damn, Captain Black really put alot of thought into his costume, didn’t he?

Is it evil of me to want one of these guys to get shot just so that they stop running around pretending to be superheroes?

[The Sphinx] He who questions training only trains himself in asking questions.[//]

Hear me now:

When you can pose like a fairy in just your tights, you have a fairly good chance to oppose unjust types.

Actually, yes. Maybe not “evil,” but certainly mean-spirited. It doesn’t seem like they take themselves too seriously or really do anything beyond helping the homeless and neighborhood watch-type stuff. They may be a bunch of goons in homemade costumes, but I certainly don’t want any of them to get shot.

The movie version of Watchmen, brought these people to the media attention…I guess the Kick-Ass movie is doing it again.

I’d say overall they’re doing more good than harm.

Also, Nyx is smoking hot: If they all looked that good, the movement would be a lot more popular!

How do you know she’s smoking hot? You can only see half of her face!

Well, true… she might have a crippling deformity. But on the roster, you can hit the left and right arrows and see her kickin’ bod.

Maybe I should be a villain, hm? I’ve got the black suit, top hat and goggles.

I’m going to be the villain these heroes deserve…

Maniacal laughing.

Well, I think they’re dping more good than harm also, but she ain’t that hot…at least to me. But maybe she has a charming personality. (I’d probably want to hang out with her because shes into superheroes)

The only “hero” on that site is angle grinder man. Now if only these guys were serious…