You Too?!

I have an Idea for a Game. (I Hope.)

The Idea that I had has changed as I have written the rules. Read all the rules once, and then re-read them. Hopefully you will understand the spirit of the rules, beyond the letter of the rules.

  1. Post a challenge by posting one, and only one physical trait, hidden talent, or the result of multiple years of training you possess, that you can do, that you don’t think the rest of the board can relate to.

  2. At any time, If you can relate to a challenge already listed, start a new reply. In that reply you must quote that post, and claim “You Too?!”. At that time, the challenge you are quoting has died.

3.Once your challenge has died, your score can be calculated.

  1. You score is detrmined by the number of posts inbetween your post, and the matching “You Too?!” response to your post.

  2. Players may not have more than one live challenge in the game at any time.

6.After your score has been determined on your last challenge, feel free to post a new challenge.

  1. As long as you remain Honest, there is no limit to the number of “You Too?!” posts you can make.

  2. Have Fun.

I have webbed toes.

[It’s my game, posting first should be a given. Right?]

I can adequately teach and control full classrooms of 7th grade students.

With my hands at my sides, I can make my elbows touch together.

You too?!

I can wiggle my ears.

I can do wings (tap dance move, a.k.a. “buck and wing”).

I can move my pinky toe without any of my other toes moving

You too ?!

I can fellate myself.

I can bend all of my fingers 90 degrees backwards without discomfort.

And 3 points to Blue Mood also had his challenge on his ear wiggling complete as well.

Mahaloth and Blue Mood may now post a new challenge, if they wish.

And the Syndactylist OP is still going strong with at least 7 points. :eek:

(I went for the rarest thing I had, that I could think of. You will go far in this game if you think likewise.)

You guys understand where we are going with this “game” yet? Do you like it?

You too?

I can also bend my second (“index”) toe independently of the other toes.

(At least my podiatrist said he hadn’t seen that before.)

A point on the rules: If each player can have only one challenge active at a time, then everyone is going to end up with a score approximately equal to the total number of posts in the thread. Many quickly-met challenges are worth nearly as much as one long-held challenge.

Unless we negate the number of previous challenges they had. :confused:

Also, it’s not like the “winner” gets anything. :frowning:

It’s not the perfect set up.

Again, the idea was not what I ended up with.

I would like to see how diverse we are. I feel we can only do that if we go for the most diverse things.

I guess the point system wont work for off game comments. :frowning:

My count for this answered challenge is 3 points. Right?

And I think Scarlett67 is being a show off. (I mean, some of us in here can’t do anything independently with our index toes. :stuck_out_tongue: ) [My index and middle toes are the ones webbed, both feet.]

I guess I can never wear toe socks. :frowning:

[Then again, I don’t think toe socks were made with Males in mind. but, its the principle of the thing.]

Should we scrap the actual practice of the points?

Why not just say that only your best score counts? But it’s essentially random anyway - assuming you get a “You too?!”, it’s pure chance whether the poster who does this sees the thread straightaway, or in 3 days time. Still a fun game, though - here’s mine:

I have completed a triple peel in a tournament game of association croquet.

I have bowled multiple 300 games in sanctioned competition.

I can properly load and fire a Civil War-era rifled musket “by the nine times.”