You want Fries with that? Stripper Fast Food Drive Through

Lucky Devil Lounge in Oregon has come up with yet another innovative, fun and sexy idea to keep income — and customers — coming during the pandemic.

Love the logo for “Lucky Devil Eats”

“Hey Lady! If you are giving away those puppies, can I have the one with the pink nose?”


I was really hoping that we would finally see the end of these businesses for once and for all. One of Portland’s biggest shames is the sex trafficking that goes largely unabated. While not all of these women are forced into this life, there are a lot of underage girls who are.

Could these threads have a MEN ONLY subtitle? Because they are fucking repulsive.

I never was known for politeness but the corona-assholes have made me stabby 100% of the time now.

A pimp’s got to make a living.

Stripper fast food” is right in the title. I’m afraid it looks like you opened the thread intending to be offended, while I opened it expecting to be grossed out. There’s a difference, I think.

I’m not offended by strippers serving burgers, I’m offended by the hubba hubba jokes about breasts.

I vaguely remember long long long threads about misogyny in the Dope and some vows to do better. But I guess I dreamt it.

I’m pretty sure VOW, is a woman.

And here comes the PC Patrol, right on schedule.

Article is worth clicking just for the sight of strippers wearing PPE masks. For some reason, I find that hilarious - it’s probably doubling the amount of fabric they wear.

Good for the owner, for finding a creative way around the quarantine restrictions (in a safe, sane way - the girls use one of those long grabby thingies to snag tips) and for getting his staff working again, along with another local company that got paid to build the tent and stage setups for them.

Don’t forget that this re-employs security guys and the D.J. plus whatever food service they use. Helps spread a bit of money around locally.

Last time I checked, I was.

I really don’t see anything sexy in poll dancing but there’s a part me me that would want to go there and order a happy meal.

How long ago was that?

“So, who do you think will win the election?” she asked, slinking around in her oh-so-brief face mask.

Well, I just went tinkle, and by golly, I had to sit to do that!

I think you’ve stumbled on an effective way to increase voter turnout.

Probably just end of with a bunch of people from Warsaw.

Perhaps you’d feel differently if it was your daughter. Sex trafficking is a serious problem here, particularly in the immigrant communities, although I’d guess that a strip club is probably the high end of that trade. All that aside, I never understood the allure, even when I was in my 20s. I went once, and it just seemed pointless.

I have to sit to tinkle too, because my doctor told me not to lift anything heavy.