You want mundane? I'll give you [i]mundane[/i]!

I just ate a sandwich a little while ago. It was okay. Then I took a nap. Now I’m looking for a pen to pick this lent outta my belly-button. Then I think I’m gonna go to sleep.

Ha! Beat that.

I would beat that, but I’m going to bed now.

I just woke up

Lent: Catholic religious ritual, involving sacrifice for 40 days before Easter.

Lint: The fuzzy crap that dryer screens and, apparently, Cletus’s navel collects.


Mosquitoes keep buzzing around and biting me.

:smack: Dammit, I missed.

A PEN? :eek:

I’d say that was severly depraved! Not mundane in the slightest!

out! out! vile fluff worrier!

I typed this.

So there

I’m sitting here. Reading. And breathing. Reading and breathing. And scratching, occassionally. I’m sitting here reading, breathing, and occassionally scratching. I might go take a nap later. I’ll still be breathing though. Probably.

I read for a while, and took a nap. I’m not really sure what to do next. Maybe I’ll take a walk in the park. Or maybe I’ll just take another nap.

my dog has knees

oh yeah?
I sat in bed yelling “where’s my hausinpepper???” while my boyfriend cooked me breakfast and kept running in to refill my coffee.
While we were eating, he dropped some food on his chest, and poked himself in the chest with a fork trying to retrieve it.
Between the yelling and the laughing, I wore myself out, and now, I must nap again.
So there!

I like bread.

Minimalist art is lacking something…

Disclaimer: No Catholics were harmed in the making of this production. :wink:


I’ll do less than nothing!

I’ll antipost!

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Oh, I see.