You worst gaming memories (mine is labyrinths)

It could be a boss you couldnt kill or anything.
For me its labyrinths in RPGs. And recurring sounds whenever one does things. And fire and water levels, noone mentioned.

During Thanksgiving dinner party with some friends, one married couple had brought a pack of Phase 10 cards. It turned out they really did not know how to play. I was surprised when, after the woman in the couple had completed her required melds for the phase, she continued laying down melds as though she were playing regular Rummy. Great couple, mind you, but they really had no clue on how to play that particular game.

When I was 8, I went to a birthday party and one of the presents was the board game Anti-Monopoly, then dubbed Anti. We broke it out and tried to play it but the adults had no clue how to read the rules and I couldn’t comprehend what they were saying either. If I just had had the game alone for a day with the rules I probably could have gotten most of them right, but trying to play right out of the box was disappointing because the concept and art seemed cool, and in retrospect, it was disappointing and awkward because there were 6 kids all itching to play a board game.

Another one was a Warhammer 40K tournament. There wasn’t enough time allotted in the tournament to complete a game if people dawdled. My first opponent had a rule wrong, and I suspected that, but I didn’t question him because I didn’t want to slow the game, and I only barely lost and it was because of the rule that he did get wrong.

My second opponent deliberately played slowly and caused a tie because nothing got accomplished. It’s not just me, he was later banned from playing at the store for slow play.

The person who won that tournament played the same army as I did but used smaller bases than was legal for an advantage but the store owners let him because no one he played called him out on it. That same person was nationally notorious in 40K circles: after a stunt he pulled that allowed most of his Daemons on the board from the get go, as opposed to all coming in from reserve, the publishers of the tournament scenarios changed the description of the scenario rules to avoid what he did.

After Chronicles was released for Magic the Gathering. I cobbled up a three color Stasis deck with Ice Age tap-lands. It was almost the same as the famous Turbo Stasis but it was not and I haven’t seen any decklists of Turbo Stasis.

So I took it to the qualifiers for the Finnish Championship and the first game was against some 10-year old boy; I was 35 or so at the time. After I got Kismet down and started to use my Time Elemental to return the Stasis into my hand I flagged the judge and asked him to declare my lock & win. He denied that I had full lock even though there were four Howling Minds, a Feldon’s Cane out and all of my lands untapped after I returned Stasis to my hand because the depletion counter on the tap lands was removed in upkeep not draw step. I then asked if the judge would get my opponent to hurry up as he was agonising what to discard even though it did not matter as he had no way to untap any of his permanents. In the end our match was declared a draw as we couldn’t finnish even the first game of the match.

I stopped playing competitive Magic that day. Even though I reported the judge’s behavior to Wizards of the Coast and they agreed that the call was wrong, nothing happened. I saw the same judge still judging because I still attended prereleases.

The first time I played Dungeons and Dragons was with a friend’s group, I tagged along, was convinced to join in, and we had a good time. Over the next six months or so, we met up every two weeks and played through a nice campaign and had a fun adventure.

We decided to continue on with the same characters, so the next meet-up a new campaign began, this time we started inside a big cave, which had two exits, one north leading up, one south leading down, and we decided going into the cave deeper sounded the most exciting, so off we went through the south door.

…where we found ourselves trapped single-file on a narrow bridge over a deep chasm, dive-bombed by vicious winged demons, picked off one-by-one, and all died. The End.

We were so devastated and annoyed at our DM, we never returned to playing as a group again. I’ve never played an RPG since.

I also hate mazes. I have a terrible sense of direction and get lost extremely easily. When I played the first Vampire The Masquerade pc game, I had no problem killing all the rat monsters in the mine and then defeating the vampire boss. Then, with no monsters in the mine, it took me about an hour to find my way out. I turned on the map cheat. It didn’t really help.

I have to say that I rarely quit video games, but I have now quit:

Final Fantasy XIII and Final Final Fantasy XV

Why can they not just make a game with a story and gameplay as simple as Final Fantasy IX or VI?

I was convinced XV must be a lot better than XIII, but I found it to be a snooze after awhile. I got suckered to play both of those. I doubt I’ll ever play XVI unless it gets absolute raves.

Final Fantasy VIII was the first FF game I ever played, and I was quite into the story - it had a romance storyline IIRC. So I had rented the game from a video store and played Og knows how many hours into it - had to be at least 70 or 80. We got to this harrowing scene where the lovers are floating in space, huge All is Lost moment, and then right at the turning point of the scene, the game froze. I reset it, reloaded, played all the way through to that scene again, and damned if it didn’t freeze again. I never did finish the game.

I also became heavily engrossed in Bioshock infinite which is an atmospheric masterpiece with a great story. It was my first ever shooter, and I got stuck about 75% of the way through. It was this level where you’re on a ship and have to shoot at blimps. I just couldn’t get past it.

Can relate. My biggest problem with open world games is how lost I get.

That one was my favorite out of the whole series thus far. Rinoa may be the most beautiful video game character I’ve ever seen.