You write headlines for Entertainment News: How do you miss all the "Lorde & Taylor" opportunities!?

Apparently, pop singers Taylor Swift and Lorde are becoming fast friends. I know from headlines like:
Taylor Swift’s weekend hang pals include Lorde, Lena Dunham and the ‘SNL’ cast (MSN Wonderwall)
Taylor Swift and Lorde Enjoy Girls’ Day in New York City (E! Network)
Taylor Swift And Lorde Have Girls-Only Weekend: See The Pics (MTV News)
Taylor Swift and Lorde on Same Tweeting Page (CMT)

:confused: How do you miss this opportunity for punny Lord & Taylor based headlines!?!?!?

The website popsugar at least made use of the appropriate wording with the headline The Unofficial Guide to Lorde and Taylor’s Friendship, but there’s so much more potential here! How about:

***Lorde & Taylor’s Spring Fashions!

Lorde & Taylor’s Women’s Intimates!

Lorde & Taylor’s Beachwear 50% OFF!!!

Lorde & Taylor: Totes Accessories and more!***
Why do I always have to be the one to think of these things?

Sorry to be ignorant, but what’s Lorde and Taylor? (Which probably answers your question right there.)

It’s a large department store chain. . . and department store like Nordstrom kinda.

Probably because the a lot of the country has probably never heard of Lord & Taylor’s (clothing store) but have heard of Lorde and Taylor (musicians/singers).

Jesus was going about his business on the outskirts of Jerusalem one day, and he noticed that his cloak was getting kind of threadbare. So he went into town to find a haberdasher to set him straight, and eventually made his way to Finklestein’s Haberdashery. Finklestein set him up with a new cloak that fit perfectly; when Jesus tried to pay the bill, Finklestein wouldn’t accept. “I’ll tell you what,” said Finklestein, “instead of paying me, just mention Finklestein’s Haberdashery after every sermon or miracle, and we’ll call it even.” So Jesus agreed to do just that.

A year or so later, Jesus was once again on the outskirts of Jerusalem and in need of a new cloak, so he went back to Finklestein’s Haberdashery, where he found a line out the door. “Jesus!” exclaimed Finklestein, “Your advertising has generated more business than I can handle! I can’t thank you enough! We should go into business together!”

Jesus agreed to that deal on the spot, and suggested that the new name of the business should be Jesus & Finklestein. Finklestein was having none of it. “I started the business, so my name should appear first. It’s Finklestein & Jesus.” Jesus countered, “But I’m the Son of God, so I should be first. It’s Jesus & Finklestein.” They argued back & forth about this for a while, until they finally settled on a compromise.

The next day the business re-opened as…
Lord & Tailor

Exactly. It’s a pretty well-known store in the Northeast, I imagine, but they only have 50 locations, and nothing further west than Chicago.

HeyHomie, I just knew someone would come in here with that joke! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but there’s no reason you can’t throw it in for those who would get it. If people don’t get the joke, that’s no worse than there not being any joke at all. But those who do get the joke will think it’s better.