Youcaring crowd funding-"All of the money goes to the fundraisers"??

I was checking out Youcaring, in re a friend’s illness. I wanted to see where the money is going, and the site said that all of the money goes to the ‘fundraiser’. xxxx The language after that sounds a bit nebulous, so, it frightens me to give.

Excuse my dumbness, but, isn’t Youcaring the fundraiser? I’m not interested in giving to the common good, only my friend. Or, is the friend the fundraiser??

Anybody know about these people?


Your friend is the fundraiser.

When you donate, they automatically apply a surcharge that will go to youcaring for their overhead. You can change the percentage of this surcharge to anything you like, including 0.

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Also, sorry, the link goes to a case specific page-I had thought it was a generic page.

Am contacting mods in re this right now.

Thanks again.

Removed link, closed thread. Try again.

samclem, moderator