Young Bush Goes to Europe

After several months of rattling the European allies, our nominal President travels today to an Old World which largely disagrees with him and his cronies on such issues as the environment, arms control, abortion, the death penalty, the use of land mines, an international court, genetically altered foods, and even the proper legal drinking age.

According to yesterday’s New York Times, Bush plans to rely on his “personal charm” (rather than an open clarification of his deeply-held beliefs, or his debating skills, I assume) in winning the heads of European states over to his points of view.

You folks think this is wise? He won’t, y’know, embarrass the entire continent while he’s over there, will he?

Oh dear!
This will be sort of fun to watch.

They already don’t like him. There are already planned protests even in Spain with a conservative leader. His “charm” will only make it it worse.

Oh. My. God.
I’m so sorry about your president folks, I really am. :smiley:

But then, he’s widely and wildly unpopular around Europe anyway, so I don’t suppose he can do much damage. But, still…

Oh. My. God. :smiley:

— G. Raven

I’m sure the Europeans understand how unrepresentative Bush personally, and his policies generally, are of Americans in general. This may look like a visit for the holidays by your less-favored uncle, who always talks too loud, slaps everyone on the back and gives them unflattering nicknames, puts his feet on the table, repeats the same old, dull stories while laughing out loud at himself, but finally leaves after a few days.

Let’s face it. Everybody hates the US and it doesn’t matter who is president. If it were Lady Di they’d still dislike the USA. You can’t win. And they didn’t like the US any better with Clinton.

If the US tries to lead, they accuse it of being a bully. If it doesn’t they accuse it of doing nothing. This is what happened in Yugoslavia. For some years the US stayed out and Europe couldn’t get their act together and the problem snowballed. Then they criticise the US for intervening.

The fact is the US can’t win because other countries feel it is an affront to them for it to merely exist. I have found this attitude often in my travels. There will be anti-US demonstrations anywhere but, thankfully, the leaders of those countries are a bit more pragmatic.

IMHO Bush handled the Chinese incident pretty well. I disagree with his stance on Kyoto but I think he’ll handle himself OK.

And if you want to compare, I don’t think Clinton was much good at wooing foreign leaders. I remember he would routinely make heads of state wait outside the door of the White House, just keep them standing there, for 20 - 30 minutes. I believe he did it to the king and queen of Sweeden, Spain or some other country… How’s that for a good start.

Then he put all his efforts into trying to resolve the Palestinian conflict and we all know how that went, so I guess his charms and powers of persuasion were mostly for the interns.

I think Bush will do OK. In fact, I think he is doing better than you would expect for a guy who appears to have very low ability to express himself. He is not a good speaker.

::points:: That’s your favorite person, that is. That’s, like, your leader. Hee hee.


As this is in GD rather than IMHO, would you care to substantiate that rather sweeping claim?

And who is this mysterious they you refer to? Sinister shadowy forces? The Illuminati? Or, worse still, the Dutch?

Where the hell were you travelling to? And who are these affronted countries? Are you sure you’re not being just a little paranoid here? Let’s be honest here - all countries criticise the dealings of other countries. It’s not as if the USA is the only nation to draw flack. I don’t think you need to sound quite so persecuted.

Ronald Reagan always made a big hit on his World Tours, and he was as big a glad-handing right-wing boob as Bush, Jr. No reason this part of the '80s revival shouldn’t take hold, too . . .

. . . Now if only they’d start making wide cinch-belts again . . .

I’m not sure why, but that gave me a mental picture of aliens asking to see “your leader” and being told he wasn’t worth the visit.
“Try Disneyland instead, they have this really cool mouse there.” :smiley:

— G. Raven

Oh, sure, laugh it up now. But you just wait.

I’ll betcha that once he sees the wonder of Europe, he’ll ditch those nasty Secret Service Agents and hook up with a dashing young newspaperman who will show him the real, people’s Europe.

And he’ll learn all about laughter, and love, and fun before he has to go back to his official duties.

Betcha the press will cover it up, too.

Oh. God. THANKS, Manny. Now I am stuck with the mental image of Bush in a Givenchy shirtwaist dress, riding a Vespa with Gregory Peck.

Urgh . . . I need some real strong coffee . . .

Hey, did we ever establish whether Dubya had ever before stepped foot out of North America? Just curious.

IIRC he spent a couple of weeks in China when his father was ambassador.

According to todays Washington Times, “Inside the Beltway”, Headline: “Georgies travels”; GWB, contrary to popular news reports, has been to Scotland twice in his life. Once when he was 13 in 1959 and agian in 1993. I dont how to do a link but the web sight is “

IIRC, according to one bio I read, little georgie spent a couple of weeks visiting his daddy in China when poppy was the ambassador and little dubya was a small kid. But that’s it for foreign travel.

Chas, Junior was in his late twenties when Senior was Ambassador to China.

But I am relieved he’s been out of the country before. Hopefully, that’ll keep the “Boy, you guys sure do things funny 'round here” comments to a minimum.

FWIW, “Young Dubya” is actually older than Clinton.

OK, I got it - this is like the Griswolds being visited by Cousin Eddie and family in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

Hate to break it to you, Gary, but the Dutch ARE the Illuminati.

Hey! You guys aren’t DEBATING! You’re just saying a lot of funny stuff! Gaudere’s gonna throw this right OUTTA here, and I hardly ever start GD threads…

C’mon, debate! you think Bush has the charisma to pull off a Ronnie-style hoodwink on the likes of Hubert Vedrine, French foreign minister? Should he even be trying, or should he speak honestly and candidly about his handlers’ plans for a missile defense system and scrapping of the 1972 ABM treaty?

…oh all right, I can’t help myself either. I bet George pees in his hotel-room bidet.