Young Clint Howard as "The Silent Cowboy"

While watching a biography of Ron Howard last night, I heard that younger brother Clint started his career making occasional appearances on Andy Griffith as “the silent cowboy”. That was how they phrased it. So, what exactly was the silent cowboy? What would Clint do during these appearances?

Speaking of Clint Howard, it’s amazing how much he resembles his brother, even though Clint’s homely appearance has tended to relegate him to character roles and unsightly space aliens. At the same time, to be fair, one must admit he’s grown into himself a bit, as it were, and maybe we’ll start seeing him more frequently in human roles. I’ve always had an appreciation for Clint, being such a big Star Trek Fan.

Here is a pic (have to scroll sorry)

He played a Character called “Leon” and TV Tome says he did 5 times in 3 seasons

That’s it for me: Sad to say I vaugely recall seeing an episodes & thinking Hey that’s CH – but I forget details…

clint howard was in rock n roll high school…hes cool in my book