Young players, future superstars (NFL)

Who are the young players (maybe 2-5 years in the league?) today who will be superstars in the future?

I’m kind of torn on QB’s:
Matt Ryan: He’s got the work ethic of Peyton, but the team of Archie.
Eli Manning: Got a ring, but maybe he’s more like Kyle Boller.
Vince Young: the kid’s a winner, but I dunno why he doesn’t get any respect in Tennessee.

RB’s looks much easier, but any of them could be the next Terrell Davis:
Adrian Peterson: this is almost a lock, but “potential” can only take you so far if you can’t hold on to the ball.
Chris Johnson: Had some injury problems.
Maurice Jones-Drew: Early years saw lower production because of Fred Taylor, absence of Fred hasn’t doubled production.

One legitimate candidate at WR:
Miles Davis: Great playmaker, dysfunctional team.
Larry Fitzgerald: maybe the only lock pick in the list.
Calvin Johnson: if Stafford can stay standing long enough, this guy could really produce.

As a Raven’s fan I DESPERATELY hope that Flacco can actually turn into something special- or at least a consistent QB to build a team for 5-7+ years around…
He’s got the Arm to throw it down there, but he needs more time.

I think Flacco is decent, but he needs some young receivers out there. He’s got some hands guys and Heap, but nobody who can break away.

I think the Ravens should seriously consider a cheap offer for Burress when he gets out.

That’s pretty much what happens when you hire a def coordinator as the head coach. :frowning: