Youngstown, Ohio banking options

So the move is imminent, and part of what will have to happen once I’m there…a new bank, since my current institution doesn’t operate in Ohio (actually, I think VA is as far north as they go).

Well, I have no idea what banks operate in that area at all - I think there’s something called Star Bank or FirstStar (apparently a division of USBank), and I know I’ll have access to a credit union - and that may be my best choice. It looks like there’s also National City Bank, Key Bank, Home Savings and First National Bank.

I know nothing about any of these. Are there any that I should absolutely without a doubt avoid? Any that you’ve only had good experiences with?

I used NatCity. My account is still based out of Ohio in fact. I have no complaints and they are everywhere.

You could keep your current account. There would be ATM fees, but with direct deposit and all, if you have contacts at the bank, it may be worth your peace of mind to maintain the banking relationship you currently have.

Commercially I have used both FirstStar and Key Bank. Also, they may still have some 5th Third Banks around (I have no experience with them, it’s just a name that struck me as odd)