Your all driving me insane with your inability to use "you're"

For the 3,457,446th time:

“You are” is contracted to you’re. Please note the apostrophe and the “e” at the end. “Your” is a possessive. The next time you write “your” do me a little favor and ask yourself if you really mean “you are” and if so, put the goddamn apostrophe in and the “e” at the end. Otherwise, you look dumb. You look really, really dumb. Plus it is like chinese water torture on my brain.

Is it just me, or is this the #1 error people make on the message board? I mean, the whole it’s/its thing is pretty bad too, but since I am guilty of not knowing that one it bothers me a lot less. Perhaps I am a grammatical hypocrite. But please, please, please stop using “your” when you mean “you’re”!!!

Thank you. The end love Ghanima.

It’s the number one mistake I make here, other than simply not reading things properly. Not because I’m not astonishingly anal (I don’t deny such charges), nor because I don’t understand the concept. Also, it’s not because I’m not a fairly-decent typist. But for some reason I change make “you’re” into “your” when typing. If I habitually have this brain-fart, I suspect other people do too. It’s not because we don’t know better.
(On preview: I claim my award for the most negatives in one paragraph)

I agree, those people are complete loosers.

For the 3,457,447th time:

It’s means it is (or it has). That’s the only thing it means. If you can say “it is” or “it has” in place of “it’s,” you are using it correctly. If you can’t, you’re not.

Hmmm - in fact, it’s very similar to…you’re! :smiley:

Thats definately my number 1 complaint to. :wink:

They’re lack of knowledge annoys me. :slight_smile:

Please, won’t someone think of the apostrophes!?
They both drive me crazy too, especially when I find I’ve made the same mistake.


Ah, theirs the rub.

Oh, if you wanna be posessive it’s just I-T-S but if it’s a contraction then it’s I-T-apostrophe-S, scalawag.

reads replies

scratches eyes out of head

heads for the nearest bar

It’s not a mistake. We’re all doing it on purpose to drive you batshit insane. In fact, we’ve all got a pool going to see how quickly we could drive you to drink. Ok, who’s got today at 7:24 PM EDT?

Well, at least alot of them are. But that’s a whole 'nother story…

Did I just get wooshed by this thread title?

I suspect so.

I think’d so.

Your write.

Come on. That’s rediculous.

Please don’t hit me.

I’d a thunk tisn’t no nevermind, y’idjut.

I mean, ne’ermind, of course. :slight_smile: