Your allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances

I get itchy from fabric softener.
I can no longer take ibuprofen because it gives me severe nosebleeds.
The artificial sweetener/color/something in diet green tea makes my tongue itchy and tingly.
How about you?

Tide laundry detergent makes both me and my SO itch.

Pretty much all insect bites including mosquitos will invoke a reaction.

Oddly enough, I’m also allergic to Benadryl.

Touching raw tomatoes makes me break out in blotchy red spots.

Self-tanner gives me a rash in the crook of my elbows. It was so bad that one of my bosses was starting to wonder if I’d started shooting up!

Aspirin and ibuprofen make me swell up like the Elephant Man.

Also, typical hayfevery-type reaction to cats and the usual suspects like dust, pollen etc.

Opiates (experimental set includes Percoset, morphine, Vicodin) make me puke violently. I’ve vomited up pills half digested, and after one time they gave me morphine in the hospital I couldn’t keep anything down - not dry toast, or broth, or rice - for three days. I guess the good news is, there is zero chance of opiate addiction in my future.

I’m lactose intolerant.

When I get a mosquito bite I always have a crazy huge “bug bite” reaction but if I don’t scratch it, it goes away completely in 1/2 hour and doesn’t even itch after that.

Allergies: pollen, mild cat dander.

Sensitivities: codeine/opiates, emotional manipulation.

Intolerances: authoritarianism, makework, hegemonic masculinity.

I tried zinc lozenges one time when I was coming down with a cold, and ended up with hives. And a cold.

Also, I have to be careful about detergent and fabric softener, as those can easily cause hives as well. I have a few brands that I know work for me, and I stick to those.

I recently had a reaction to L’Oreal’s HIP eye shadow. I contacted them about it, and asked for a refund since the brand-new package of it was completely unusable for me. They sent me a coupon instead. L’Oreal doesn’t seem to understand the problem…

Oh, and wool. I’ve broken out in a rash just from having the edge of a wool sweater touching my wrist. I love the way wool looks, but I just can’t handle it.

Other than having icky skin, as my husband says, I don’t really have too many problems with allergies and the like. A little bit of the standard hay fever in the spring and the rest of the time I’m good.

I always have a bad reaction to mosquito bites–that developed when I was about 22. They swell, blister, and bruise.

The hay fever/dust problem seems to be getting worse, to the point that I’m considering going to an allergist and getting Zyrtec or something.

Allergic to several antibiotics, and pseudoephedrine.

Lactose intolerant.

Sensitive to MSG, Junipers and Poison Ivy.

I found out after several years of denial, that I’m allergic to cats. I also have seasonal allergies to pollen.

Have you tried the dye-free allergy formula? You might be allergic to one of its dyes (and why don’t they make JUST the dye-free stuff if they know it’s a problem?) I don’t think I could live without my Benadryl.

I’m allergic to five antibiotics, and counting. Bee and wasp stings, insect bites, dust, whatever pollen is in the air during just about every season.

I have numerous food sensitivities. I loooove coffee, but it triggers my IBD. Many other foods do this, including any sort of raw onion, and this includes things like shallots and garlic, too. I also react to black pepper, and white, which makes eating out all sorts of fun, as many people don’t even think about adding black pepper to stuff, and often don’t remember that there’s white pepper in the dish, either…

Shrimp. Luckily I can eat other shellfish (crab, lobster).

I forgot that I’m also highly sensitive to the oils in azalea plants which I found out the summer I worked at and azalea farm and spent most of two solid weeks hand pruning acres of them. Since I am also allergic to pollens and bees, that summer pretty much let me know how useless finishing my horticulture degree would be. sigh

I have a fun antibiotic allergy/reaction combo.

I have anaphylaxis to penicillins and an “Idiosyncratic reaction” to Erythromycin, which is the antibiotic of choice when you are penicillin allergic.

The reaction I had to Erythromycin doesn’t count as a true allergy, merely a very weird side effect- it caused desquamation and ulceration of my mouth and throat- basically the lining of my mouth peeled off. I couldn’t speak or eat solids for a week, I lost 16lbs and it was the single most painful experience of my life. I have it listed as an allergy on all my paperwork because there is no chance I’m risking it happening again. Saying “oh, I got a nasty side effect” sounds less serious and requires much more explanation than “I have an allergy”.

For this reason whenever I need antibiotics they start with either the old fashioned stuff that no-one uses anymore or the newest and most expensive wonder drug.

The absolutely hilarious thing is that at work I have often had to administer IV Penicillins to patients. I usually wear a mask and gloves and try really hard not to get any on me, and so far, so good!

I get eczema from salt water.

Also, some kind of eating situation is making my throat close up when I eat certain foods in certain indeterminate ways, but I don’t know if that’s an allergy or a failure in my biology.

Allergies: breathable mold spores (the kind that grows on wood or leaves and other plant type stuff, not on cheese or leftovers or what have you) – leads to sinus infections and migraines. Sulfa drugs – I get hallucinations, heart palpitations, nausea, generally a really bad trip. Morphine – itchy face and swollen eyelids, not too bad but not worth it. Poison ivy – I’m not one of those who gets a rash from seeing a picture or from touching someone who shook hands with someone who brushed past some, but I do swell up pretty impressively from minor contact.

Things I’m not allergic to anymore thanks to allergy shots: down, house dust, harvest dust, various pollens, etc. Woohoo!

Sensitivities: strong smells, repetitive loud noises, flashy lights that don’t stop, rapid changes in barometric pressure, less than 6 hours of sleep a night, dehydration, low blood sugar; if they’re bad enough, or in combination, they lead to migraines. migraines suxx0rz. rly.

Intolerances: fish and seafood, except really fresh tuna or salmon sushi. Please just don’t put them near me no matter how delectable they are to you (and thanks). And canned cat food? Please please please please no. Also, itchy clothing tags. but canned fish-flavor cat food is the worstest. It hasn’t made me barf yet in my life, but that’s just 'cause I’m so stoic and successful at avoiding it.

Maybe we should have a thread for things we’re not bugged by? I wouldn’t want anyone to think we were wusses.

You know, I don’t think I know anyone who CAN take Erythromycin. It causes uncontollable vomiting in both my brother and I. I lost about 10 lbs when they tried to put me on that stuff.

Night-blooming jasmine and my respiratory system don’t get along at all.

I discovered the hard way about two years ago that I’m allergic to some brand of scented bar soap. My hands were in agony before I made the connection, though.

I’m not allergic, but I absolutely cannot stand cigarette smoke.

Fortunately for me, I can take Erythromycin. It does cause diarrhea, but that’s an expected side effect of just about any antibiotic.