Your 'Birthyear' Post (or) A Really Diseased Thread

OK, check this post for my total confession.

I dare anyone else here who is as wacky as I am to do so…

::chirping crickets::

I rest my case. I challenge all of you to post your “Birth Year” post ID# *. Seeing as how most of you aren’t in any way near to two thousand posts, you haven’t hit this post# /birth-year thang yet. Let’s define our birth years, shall we?

I dairsk ya!

Zenster- I agree. Mag lites kick some serious ass.[sub] (I don’t own stock either)[/sub].

Oh yeah, birthdays.

I have a ways to go until I hit 1965.

It was a very good year if I recall correctly.

I’m nowhere near my 1,981st post, but I’d like to claim the title of “member with user ID closest to his birthday.” I’m member number 1980.

I suppose there’s a chance that someone could have their exact birthyear as a member number, but there would only be a window of 35 to 40 members, so I think I’ve got a good chance with this one.

My birth year is 1975. My posts are round about a tenth of my birth year at the moment. Does that mean I’m 2 and a half in board years?

I’m 6 posts past having the last two digits. Going to be a while before I get it properly, methinks.


Should have it by the end of the week.

Not even close. By 300, more or less.

At the rate I’m going, it’s gonna be about 4 more years before I’m there. (1970).

with a little less than 500 posts to go. I’ve been slacking off lately, so I don’t expect to hit that mark before February or March, unless I don’t find another job soon.

So Zenster, I missed it. How old are you?


I’ve got just over 250 posts to make it to my birth year post, but I’ve got special plans for a post coming up very soon. Watch this forum in the next couple of days.

1973 here. Well past my birth year in posts.
I have no idea what post number 1973 even was, why didn’t anyone tell me we were keeping track of that stuff?

What a coincidence! I was actually born in the year 986! I’m 1,014 years old IRL.

Okay. That’s a lie.


Yea, what Tymp said. 1976 for me too. So at the rate I’m going, like a month and a half till I hit that.

God am I prolific. :wink:

I take it all back, there are people out there who are cough nearly cough as weird as I am. Thanks for responding to this bit of wackiness.

[sup]Oh yeah, Spidey it’s 1955.[/sup]

I hit post 1981 back . . . well, about 1200 posts ago. Probably early October.

I refuse to go look for it. I just tried and I doubt very much I’ll come close at all.

Tell you what. For post 4962 I’ll acknowledge, if I remember, that it’s my birthyear*2 post.

I’m nowhere near 1971 yet. I’m not prolific enough here to even try to give a date of when I’ll do it.

…a real depressing thread

embreonic stage here. (1970)

1983…Yeah, I should be hitting that one real soon… :rolleyes:

Okay, so apparently, I’m stupid. How do we find out which one it was?

You’ve got to catch it when it comes.

(How many times have you heard that before?)

I don’t know if there is a way to backtrack all of your post numbers without having to do a precise reconciliation of all the times and dates of each and every post you’ve made (mods?).

Look, it’s simple, just declare the next one to be your birthyear post and act really immature. That can’t be too difficult for any of us… eh?