your boss

How much work does your boss actually do? How much money do you think he makes? Is he overpaid? Do you trust him?
If you were sick, could he fill in for you for a day and do a decent job? Does he treat everyone equally?

(insert “she” to replace “he” as appropriate)

More than me.

Alot more than me.




I think “appropriately” is a better word than “equally”, but, yes.
I’m lucky to have a really good boss, actually 3 really good bosses. And no, they don’t read this board, they are just really cool. I’ve never even thought “Man that [boss] really pisses me off!”

I have two supervisors (don’t ask). One’s a he, one’s a she.

So, about him:

  1. Work? What work?

  2. Way too much

  3. Whatever he makes, it’s too much.

  4. Not as far as I can throw him (which wouldn’t be far)

  5. Not a chance. He doesn’t have a clue what I do.

  6. Absolutely not.
    About her (note: she is subordinate to him):

  7. About as much as me, and she’s good at it.

  8. More than me, but not much more.

  9. Absolutely not.

  10. Absolutely.

  11. Probably, but I’d have to re-do some stuff when I got back.

  12. She tries, but can’t do much when he doesn’t.

How much work does your boss actually do?

A lot. She’s good at delegating work, but in crunch times, she takes on as much extra work herself as she gives to her staff.

How much money do you think she makes?

Also a lot.

Is she overpaid?

I don’t think so. She is paid more than the industry average for her position, but we are in a high cost of living area, so I think it evens out. I’ve seen her be called into work in the middle of the night, home from vacations, etc. I think she does more work than the other people at her salary level.

Do you trust her?

Absolutely. She’s gone to bat several times for people who work for her when it would have been just as easy to let them hang. I’ve seen her start many conversations by saying “I’m sorry, I think I’ve made a mistake. Can you help me fix it?” My last boss would have put red hot daggers in her eyes before she would say she made a mistake.

If you were sick, could she fill in for you for a day and do a decent job?

No, because what I do is fairly specialized. She created my job because she saw that she needed someone with a very specific set of skills, which I think speaks well to her ability to evaluate her own responsibilities, and how best to execute them.

Does she treat everyone equally?

Yes, to a fault. Sometimes I think she wastes time by listening to each person’s opinion in a case where what is needed is a quick executive decision. But, that’s her style, and it works to her advantage in many other areas, so I see why she feels she must adhere to it in almost all situations.

Interesting thread. Thinking about this made me appreciate my boss, I usually don’t ponder this sort of thing.

Not a whole lot. He just kind of nods his head when he doesn’t understand something, which is pretty often.

Entirely too much to not even know what he is supposed to be doing.

No, because he is everyone’s best buddy and “yes” man.

The situation has come up and the answer is no. He is constantly amazed, learning new things that we do in our department–HIS department–the one he “runs”. A coworker of mine had to work for three days straight, 24-hours a day because everyone else was snowed in and he didn’t know how to do this job.

To their face he does. He might stab everyone in the back equally but I doubt it.


A lot. He stays after 5, is frequently in on weekends, and comes in on evenings when a big project needs to be done.

I would think a good salary - less than he could make elsewhere, with his talents.


Yes - in fact, he’s done that for me from time to time.

Yes - with charm, respect and good humour.

I have SEVEN supers. (insert Office space dialog “six bosses?” “Six Bob”) They all do my exact same job, and some make more than I do. Those that make more DEFINITELY work for their money, as there’s nothing like reporting earnings early in violation of SEC regs and the clien’t stock price!
One has filled in for me when I didn’t make it in, and during a bad snowstorm no less! As for getting treated equally, we call the day shift “Kindergarten” and it’s noticible that those who get promoted/get the computer upgrades are all friends with the head manager. Actually, if I didn’t work the overnight when none of them are around, I would have quit by now.

  1. Actual time worked–about 2 hours each for every one
  2. They make between 30-40K a year. I work like a dog and beat most of them last year. They are almost all overpaid.
  3. do I trust them? not at all. Once an employee wrote to a friend of the manager telling the problem she had with another employee. Friend then sent the email to the manager. Manager then sent the email to THE GIRL THAT WAS THE PROBLEM saying, “I thought you should know”

All other answers above.

How much work does your boss actually do?

The guy pokes his head out of his office about twice a week, and it’s usually to get coffee or take a leak. What he actually does inside his office is beyond me, but it must be something of great importance, because he comes out so rarely.

How much money does he make?

His base salary is probably a pittance, but I’m sure he’s making quite a haul in commissions. I’m guessing 70-80K (which is hella-money around here).

Is he overpaid?


Do you trust him?

I dunno. I so rarely ever have to deal with him that I don’t think it would ever come up. He’s a shrewd businessman and I’d hate to be across the table from him in negotiations, but I doubt that it’ll ever come up.

If you were sick, could he fill in for you and do a decent job?

Not in a million years, simply because the type of work we do is so different.

Does he treat everyone equally?

Nope. He gives preferential treatment to me and the only other man on his project. I’m sure that one of us men will get a raise well before any of the women do.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I realize that his preferential treatment of me and the other guy is quite unethical. And no I haven’t told his supervisor, because his supervisor is a hateful old lady who gets really uptight when the low-ranking drones bother her.

1.How much work does your boss actually do?

A ton. She is extremely ambitious and a very hard worker, working late and on weekends constantly. Our office opened officially in late 1999. She worked here on her own until May 2000. By June 2000, she had already met our office’s annual total sales goals by herself.

  1. How much money do you think she makes?

More than I do, but surprisingly, not a LOT more, as I have been with the company 5 years and she has been here for 3.

  1. Is she overpaid?

No way.

  1. Do you trust him?

Unequivocally. She’s very open and trustworthy.

  1. If you were sick, could he fill in for you for a day and do a decent job?

Hmmmm . . . depends. Not all of my duties, but a lot of them. Of course, my goal is always to structure my job in such a way that she can’t, making me indispensable.

  1. Does he treat everyone equally?

More or less, with rare exceptions.

How much work does your boss actually do? More than anyone else in the company. (Currently only three employees.)

How much money do you think she makes? Not enough.

Is she overpaid? HA! No.

Do you trust her? With my life.
If you were sick, could she fill in for you for a day and do a decent job? Absolutely.

Does she treat everyone equally? I like to think so.

Disclaimer I am my own boss, so these answers may be a teensy bit biased. :slight_smile:

Pretty much most of it. She is always busy!!

I know exactly how much she makes and she is WAY UNDER paid!

I trust her implicitly. Except if there is a gorgeous man present.

She never takes or gets time off, so I would have to say YES.

Without a doubt!
You see, my boss is me. :smiley:

  1. He does a great deal. My publisher is always going. He is always the first one in and close to the last one out of the building.

2&3 . He is very wealthy, but pretty much has been responsible for creating his fortune, so he deserves.

  1. Unless his family is involved, I would trust him completely. Even there I would trust him, because I know where he stands. He has a saying: “Family first, paper second.” That’s the way it is. If his social climbing wife wants somebody fired. It’s done. I’ve seen him do it. But he’s up front about it.

  2. He has another saying: “I hire the best and then learn.”
    I have seen him tear apart the presses by hand, program the computers, write wrestling copy, take award winning photos, and on and on down to folding papers with the paperboys. There probably is one person per department that is better than he is at a specific thing, but he could replace everyone of us, maybe a couple at the same time.

  3. No, as I said, family always comes first. Also, if someone has shown they are willing to kill him or herself for the paper too, he will give them a bit more slack.