Your custom member status.

In a current BBQ Pit thread (to which I shall not provide a link because I don’t know how and I’m too lazy to learn), I noticed this little gem from the incomparable Lynn Bodoni:

Well, I wanna be rewarded*. Obviously, I deserve such an honor for all of my brilliant contributions to the boards. Like that one thread in GD where I, uh… hmm. Well, there was that GQ question that I sorta answered that one time…

Okay, I really haven’t done much around here. At least I haven’t made an intolerable nuisance out of myself. I hope.

But it really would be cool to see “Tolerable Nuisance” under my username instead of the bare-bones “Member.”

What do you want under your username?

*[sub]Note: this is not a serious request, especially if it would irritate the Admins. I’m just playing.[/sub]

Well, we did briefly have custom member names, when we came back from the month-long Spring 2002 meltdown and subsequent upgrade to the next version of VBulletin. It came with Custom Member names enabled, and it took a day or so for the admins to realize and turn it off.

The best one I saw go past was Green Bean’s “Kvetchmeister”. I was desperately jealous of her for thinking of that before I did. And by the time I got around to thinking of something else, the function had been disabled.

Lemme see.

EverCrack Hol or For a Good Time Call or MPSIMS Denizen or Worshipper of Unca Ceece or Inconstant Contributor or Runnin’ Fool

Runnin’ Fool is my favorite.

That should be EverCrack Ho

you can just copy and paste the url straight onto the post btw

It’s not the best way but it will give a clickable link.

otherwise just copy and paste this into a txt file.

[url=]whatever text you want[/url]
which will give you whatever text you want and edit it to suit your needs.

As to the OP … eh what was it again? looks up oh yeah … erm Mostly Harmless would do.

Mine should read Working Without a Net - yeah, I’m daring. I’m dangerous. I operate on the edge.

No, really, I do! Stop snickering!!

On another board, mine is currently “Licensed For Nasty”. I’m thinking of changing it.

The “member” thing always makes me chuckle immaturely. I would like to change mine to “appendage” or “large member.”

I also don’t think women should be called “member” If we had a different appelation for our female posters that avoid the inevitable “you mean Scylla’s a guy?” posts that we all encounter from time to time, and dispel a lot of confusion.

I say, keep the male posters as “member” and the female posters should have their own title.

I’m thinking “ho,” or “bimbo,” but I’m open to suggestions.

“Broad” would be another good choice.

I like the idea of being a Problem Child again, if only on the boards.

I’d like to be listed as what I am - “SD Staff in Limbo”. I haven’t had any official duties since AOL made us leave.

What about transgendered folks? Would they be a Broad Member?

Tard, for now.

Winston Smith


Winston Smith
Bewildered Sinner

Great, really great.

I got an Irish Doper to jump in here with some pertinent information in re: providing links.

I specifically stated in the OP that I was too lazy to learn how to post links, and yojimbo pops in and enables me in my laziness.

That’s just wrong. You people should have hammered me soundly for my blatant flouting of the rules. What do I get?

Help. That’s what I get.

It’s pitiful, I tells ya.

I want to change my custom status request to “Moron,” in the interest of accuracy. Until then, I’ll be out there on the edge with FairyChatMom, my bestest buddy on the SDMB.

I aint gettin’ anywhere near Scylla.

as a complete and utter coward, think i’d have to go for:

(Please don’t hurt me.)

Either Punk Rock Girly Girl or Five Time Page Of Flames Winner :smiley:
I may be a cranky bitch, but I’m good at it. :slight_smile:

Can I be a Blithe Spirit?

Well, I probably can, with or without endorsement from the board; I’m just not sure that I wear it well.

I’m torn. I might opt for “Cat Goddess” as listed in my sig. But then again, I might want to go for something different, like “Dragon Spirit” or “Keeper of the Chocolate”…

Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe “She Who Posts A Lot”, as lno once christened me. But since I’m not posting as much as I used to (which is probably a good thing), then I’m not so sure that would work. Maybe Subroutine Gremlin? :smiley: