Your dream guitar

I’ll take any body with great resonance–maybe make it semi hollow, a comfy profile neck, a mix of sc, p90 and hb pickups (those bare knuckles don’t sound half bad ;)), and a soldering iron. I’m picturing frankenstein wiring along the lines of Steve Morse or Matt Bellamy. The only real cost should be the pickups. Oh and maybe I’ll track down a bridge taken from the John Petrucci EBMM guitar. My real GAS weakness is further down the signal chain anyway–pedals and amps. :slight_smile:

I’m really digging the EMG-85 on the new guitar. It’s just fat and full and beefy. The 81 is cool too, but the 85 is just awesome. My wife even commented on it. I can’t wait for the fellas to come over tomorrow so we can throw down

You guys who build guitars have me salivating - I’ve always wanted to, but never have the time, and I sure don’t have the tools or the talent.

But I do have an old dead BC Rich Rave II lying around that needs a new finish, new electronics, a new bridge, new tuners - but hey, that leaves me a body and a neck :smiley:

I think I’ll make that my summer project. I’ll say a “functional and not-hideous end result” is my current dream guitar.

If you got any questions, just ask…:slight_smile:

I’m a freak for the immediate post CBS Strats. I like the big headstocks with the “transition” logo. 66-68. Love veneered rosewood fretboards. Ideally, I’d prefer a 9.5" fretboard radius and medium jumbo frets. The late sixties era Strats also tended towards plain bodies with little woodgrain and “target burst” finishes with harsh contrasts between the three tones in the sunbursts. So, ideally, I’d want a '67 Strat with more modern radius, frets and finishing.

Actually, I have built this very guitar with aftermarket parts.

My dream bass guitar: neck-through, 32"-scale, 5-string, hollow- and curved-body, AAAAA quilted-maple-top, ebony-laminates-in-the-neck & Macassar ebony FB, feather-light, active/passive axe. Think Tobias meets Ritter meets Alembic but with a beer belly contour and low physical mass.

I’d sure like to have a late 60s model Guild F-112 12-string, just like the one that got stolen out of my car.

I kind of have my dream guitar right now. It’s my RainSong dreadnought. I’m not very good at taking care of my wood guitars (humidity, polishing, et al), so this guitar has been a dream for me and if it ever were to fly away, I’d replace it immediately.

But, if I had a guitartender, someone to do all of the basic maintenance a monkey could do, I’d get an Olson Guitar. Done just like this one: A highly figured “first ever” Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle Olson SJ with an Italian spruce top. Tiger Myrtle, Ebony and Maple rosette. “Black” Brazilian Rosewood bindings with Tiger Myrtle and Ebony “segmented” top edge. Tiger Myrtle peghead back veneer with WBW purfling and ebony edging. Of course, for a minimum of $12,500 and 9 months or more of waiting, it really puts it out of my reach.