Your Ear is Clear My Dear

I have a history of ear infections. When a dip in the pool brought it raging forth again, I went right to the ENT. A Tunisian lady who uses the term “My Dear” when addressing anyone.

She took he Ottoscope and began to examine me. She started clucking like a mother hen. Then she took the Ear-O-Suck and began pulling fungus out. Then the ear wax. Then the head of a Q-tip (gag!).*

She told me “Your ear is clear, my dear.” A line seldom heard outside of children’s books.

*OK so I spent a day trying home remedies. How disgusting and covered with orange/yellow stuff.

My ears frequently itch/feel like there’s something in them, and I’m constantly poking at them with Q-tips (and the occasional pen-tip). One day at work the head of a Q-tip came off in my ear and I couldn’t get it out. I finally went down to the Health Unit and persuaded one of the nurses there to use a pair of tweezers to pull it out. (I guess they didn’t have an Ear-O-Suck handy.)

And yes, I have mentioned this to my doctor, and there’s no sign of infection or excessive ear wax.

You know, Paul, if you need some place to store stuff, you can get a man purse. You don’t need to use your ear. :smiley:

(Did you respond to her, “Hear hear!”?)

I’ve never had any experiences with an earsucker. I’ve had my ears flushed out, though, which I do not wish to experience ever again. Even if it DID remove about a gazillion grams of fungus.

When I was in second or third grade, my mom took me in for ear pain. Apparently, I had impacted ear wax, and the doctor chose to “irrigate” my ear canal with a waterpik! He and my mom wrapped me up in a sheet so I couldn’t wiggle and then started hosing down my ear. I remember that thing hurting like a mother.

Ever since then, I have the paranoid suspicion that the ear wax has returned, and I’ll have to go through a waterpikking again. shudder

Also, I had an unhappily large number of ear infections my entire life. I finally had my tonsils removed when I was 32. I’ve had one ear infection in the last three years, as opposed to the two or three a year I had.

OT and totally out of curiosity, Paul, but how was the female Tunisian doc dressed? Did you see her at some sort of foreign enclave where the standard street dress code may or may not have to be observed or was this in downtown Jeddah?

And to get back on-topic, am glad that you’re feeling better!

Longer-than standard white lab coat and scrubs. She also had a Filipina “Sister” (nurse) with her, but not at all times. The tension between the two was palpable. The nurse was for some reason on the verge of being rude to the doc.

Huh. That’s a lot of crap in your ears.
I wonder what’s in mine.

I know I had a waxy earplug stuck in the left one once, about 11 years ago.

Had to do that before, when I was a teenager – woke up one morning and freaked out because I couldn’t hear anything! dr_mom_mcl got her little doctor bag out and checked my ear – yup, impacted. So I went with her to work, and she hosed out my ear canal. A very odd sensation, as I recall. Into the kidney basin it went. Hearing was restored, and I went about my business.

Strange thing about wax, is that I think most people (me included, for a long time) think it should be cleaned out of your ears regularly, when in fact that’s not the case. It’s supposed to be there, it has a job to do, and really all you should be cleaning off is what reaches the outer part of your ear, as it naturally does, and not what’s on the lining of the canal.

Of course, if it’s itchy, or you have a loose hair irritating the hell out of it, then it’s hard not to want to stick some prod in there to dig the little bugger out, but really this must be resisted because you’ll only make things worse.

Wow, Paul, that . . ., well, bordering on TMI. But interesting.
As a child I also had ear infection after ear infection. NOT FUN! :frowning:
Now, I try and only sweep my ears with a Q-tip™ after a long, hot, shower. That is when everything is ooozing out into the shell of the ear and is soooooo much easier to get rid of.

Indeed I think that is an almost direct quote of a line in one of the classic Dr. Seuss books (One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish maybe?).

It is a direct quote. I have the book in school for my college-age students to laugh at. I can quote most of it by now.

(If only this talent could be harnessed for the good of mankind.)

There’s an easy way to avoid ear infections after swimming: squirt some rubbing alcohol in your ears when you get out of the pool. It causes the lingering water to evaporate.

A pharmacist told me about this as I was getting a prescription filled for an ear infection, one of several I’d gotten from swimming every day. (He actually told me to use vodka, but rubbing alcohol is cheaper.) I haven’t gotten an ear infection since.

My doctor is always complaining that my ears are too clean…Q-Tips are my friend. But I’ve never had an ear infection that I can remember.

An elderly friend of my mom’s had the “excessive ear wax build-up” problem, and when she would get especially cantankerous in the nursing home, my mom would remind the staff to clean her ears so she could hear. She was suffering from dementia, and the partial deafness would make her very, very irritable. But as many times as my mom would remind them, they always acted like they were hearing about her problem for the first time, and then were amazed how more even-tempered she became when she could hear properly.

Paul In Saudi was Beer and a Spear somehow involved?