Your expensive new Rx comes in a metal tube, best way to get all of it out w/o slicing your finger

As I did. I cut it in half, but then peeling it apart, gash. Dammit!!! And I have 7 more refills to go.

What kind of metal tube? Like an old-fashioned metal toothpaste tube?

Hmm, these look promising!

My standard technique for toothpaste-tube-style containers is to hold it by the ends and draw the tube from bottom to top across the edge of the bathroom counter top, flattening the tube while coaxing the product to all go to the top. I do this multiple times as the tube begins to run out.

In the end I am left with a stunningly flat tube and virtually zero lost product.

In addition to Minor7flat5’s approach when you get to the very end you can use a pair of pliers on the end while you have it all rolled up.

I’d try to use some scissors to cut up both sides of the tube. You’d still but cutting it roughly in half but separating the two flat halves would probably be easier.

This was my answer too:cool:. Works on crinkled dollar bills for the soda machine too.:smiley:

In addition to the other hints mentioned, eventually you get to the point where there is still a little bit of the medication trapped in the very end of the tube where no amount of flattening or squishing will get it out. At that point, something narrow and flat might be usable to scoop out the last bit of the medication. A nail file, a wooden toothpick, or similar.

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