Your F*I*R*S*T Time!

Not sex, sillies! For too many people, the first sex was a disappointing embarassment.
I’m talking about your first REAL kiss. The one you practiced for before the mirror, the one that stopped time and almost stopped your heart.

This is so sad. I can’t remember my first kiss.

The BEST kiss, well that is another story. It was with a guy who was very, very good looking. I had been dying to get to know him for a long time. We hung out a few times and one night we were laying on the floor of my apartment, talking for hours. He finally leaned over and kissed me and I just about passed out. Really. I was totally overwhelmed by this intense pleasure, I can’t begin to describe it. We spent the rest of the night fooling around (no sex). It never went any farther than that one night, and no guy (not that there have been that many) has ever come close to causing me to feel that intensity ever again.

“Love given when it is inconvenient is the greatest love of all. Kindnesses that are shared at a high cost to oneself are the most dear.”

Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Roseanna. Up on the Hill, in the trees, at one of those “wow-look-at-everyone-who-showed-up-when-we-hadn’t-planned-anything-tonight” get togethers. It was nice and I got a little groping in too.

Steve King relate’s an excellent first kiss story in his new collection of stories (actually, it’s more like a novel): Hearts in Atlantis.

My first “REAL” kiss…with the guy I’d had a crush on for the past five years, two months after my sixteenth birthday, on a cloudy October day…sigh…we walked around that day, crunching leaves and talking, and went to the park…we sat on a bench, and since I didn’t have a jacket, I shared his…and then we kissed.

He realized the next day that it was a mistake, and I did a lot of crying, but the kiss itself was a perfect memory.

He’s also my best friend (platonically…), and I really miss him.

I was like nine or ten & it was my step sister before she became my step sister…
Plus, she was about 8. Did it every chance we could.

Angela Vandiver. 7th grade. I was a total geek, but so was she. Then I broke up with her because the “cool” kids said she was a slut. God, I was so mature…

I can guarantee that kiss was no big deal for her. I’m sure I was as inept with her as I was with myself at the time…

I’m glad I’m older and somewhat wiser now…

Yer pal,

Around 10 is a great time to start kissing because sex doesn’t enter into it yet & one can concentrate on just the nice feeling of the kisses. Kissing on lips, that is, & the ones on the head.

I was 17(!!) and she was 16. We were both on a summer cleanup job and assigned to the cemetary detail. As we were sitting down to eat our lunches, she steadied herself by grabbing my leg, and left it there. She leaned over and kissed me, and as far as I could tell, it only lasted an eternity.

I was 18, at a big outdoor concert, I didn’t like the band that was playing at the time, so I wandered off into the crowd, and met this girl. We started talking, etc., etc. I don’t believe I mentioned my sexual orientation at any point during this conversation. In any event, at one point, she motioned me to lean in toward her. I thought she was going to say something that she didn’t want everyone else to hear, like “Don’t look now, but that guy is trying to smuggle something in his pants”, or something. She wasn’t. She kissed me, right on the lips, in front of everyone, for about half an hour, or a minute, depending on who you asked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go home with her (sniff), but I was glowing for the rest of the night. Make that “week”. Wow…

My first kiss was at the observation deck of the Empire State Building with a girl from Spokane, Washington. I was 17, she was about the same (I’d only known her for about five days). We were on a youth trip to New York City to observe the UN (I was from eastern LI).

We both went home two days later. Never saw her again.

My first sex was the usual, though the second was quite a story…

My first real kiss wasn’t until I was 15, but it was much more satisfying for both of us than the awkward sexual fumbling that soon followed. Since then, sex has improved greatly. But I gotta say that kissing is still a big thrill to me. I’ve had kisses that were more memorable than entire relationships. One night in college, I met a gal while playing pinball in a bar. We talked a while, left and sat on the steps of her dorm all night, just kissing and hugging. It never went beyond that and for some reason I never saw her again, but that encounter was one of the best nights in my memory.

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I could stroll down this particular path daily.

Janessa Green.
I was fourteen and visiting family in Canada
I met her at a camp next to a lake.
That same night she invited me to her place and outside of her house in the woods, she stuck her tongue in my mouth (great feeling) so I just played along.
I’ll never forget that kiss it lasted for about ten minutes but it seemed like an hour!

Yeah, I think I started a thread akin to this a month or two ago. Oh well, it died off, but I think it was called “first kiss” if anyone wants to find it. Anyway, mine occurred while watching “The Wall” (ya know, Pink Floyd) and it was very nice. Strange movie for a first kiss, but rather appropriate.

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” --1984

Mine’s the classic one. Last year of elementary school, 12 years old, summer camp, sneaking into the girls dormitory (sp?), darkness (but well prepared so you wouldn’t end up in the WRONG bed !), I got the ‘hottest girl’ in the class, there was tongue, some groping too.

Ya know, a bit like a “Wonder Years” episode, but then in ‘Anytown, The Netherlands’ :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

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