Your Fantasy Dopefest

I’m really hoping I’m not the only person who does this so this thread doesn’t disappear in the next 32 seconds…

Have you ever seen/been somewhere and thought, “Wow, what a great place for a Dopefest”? I have. Many, many times. So finish this sentence:

“The one place at which I would love to have a Dopefest is…”

The Price is Right. I think that would be so cool, even more so if Rod would just say, “Silver Fire, COME ON DOWN! You’re the next contestant on The Price is RIGHT!!

Along the same lines, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, or The Weakest Link. But with TWL, you have to make the rule that the strongest link cannot be voted off. That always pisses me off!

I would love to be on the Price is Right. That’s the only show I remember watching almost every day as a pre-school kid.

As long as someone else sprung for the plane tickets. :wink:

Cecil’s house. (but that’s a given) Bet between him, Zenster, and Chef Troy we’d have a helluva BBQ.

Belmont Racetrack. Seriously.

The bar down the street from my house, first off, its 5 minutes away, second, its got free beer (or soft drinks if you don’t want the hard stuff) on Friday nights, a patio, dance floor, pool, darts, everything to make a good night of fun.

Okee doke. I’m ready to fly out to CT for a blur DopeFest! You aren’t just makin’ that up, are you?

But if it’s really going to be a fantasy Dopefest, then I have to submit my list of Dopers who must be there to make it complete…
(and no, I ain’t tellin’ who)

Would I tease you with free beer if it wasn’t true? Its a $10 cover, but that is more than made up for with the drinks.

Come on over… We have a spare room you can stay in. Just make sure you drink enough beer to cover the costs of the flight!

I think it would be fun to take over a resort for a week. How about the Grand Lido Sans Souci in Jamaica?

Does it have to be a place that everybody agrees exists?

I think that in The Throne Room of who ever the Real Diety is (if applicatable?) would be quite sweet.

Though I could just imagine said Diety and Cecil going at it for the next few millenia. :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I would love to have a gigantic camping trip. Seems like the “suck” part of Dopefests is not being able to spend as much time with people as you’d like, what with everyone staying in different houses/hotels, people going to different activities, etc…by going on a hige camping trip, everyone’s right there. We all get to make fun of each others’ morning hair. Everyone gets to applaud my amazing camp cooking skills.


Maybe a few guys in kilts will jump over the bonfire. Sheeit, man…kilts, tents, a bonfire and a ridiculous amount of liquor? This plan is flawless!

A camping trip would rock righteously. But really I wouldn’t mind so long as I got to dance with SPOOFE.

I dunno, camping sounds so rustic. I’m thinking we need to take over a great hotel on a beach. Rooms for everyone, room service, a great banquet hall for a dinner/dance, pool, fun, frolic! When I hit a big lotto, that’s what we’ll do.