Your favorite bedtime snack?

Mine is tonic water and salty crackers or pretzels. There’s just something about the contrasting tastes.

And yours?

Cookies and coffee with Bailey’s in it

A bowl of ‘Honey Bunches of Oats’!

You’ve really posted a loaded question. Shouldn’t be too much longer before you get less than wholesome answers…

Salt & Vinegar chips…

Edy’s no-sugar-added Triple Chocolate ice cream with melted peanut butter on top. Yum.

saltine crackers spread with peanut butter, topped with four small marshmallows, lightly browned in the oven so the marshmallows puff up and get all gooey…yum…

Popcorn and Sunny D

Life cereal straight outta the box!

Popcorn and diet Coke are the only snacks that don’t make me dream about purple elephants.

Yes, I should have thought of that, after all this time.

must think before starting new threads

Too late!

Buttered toast with cinnamon and sugar and a little milk.

Hot chocolate with Bailey’s or other suitable spirit. With a Tim Tam.

Graham crackers and milk.

Split the grahams length-wise, and dip them in the milk until they soften, but not soft enough to break. Eat. Repeat until one waxed paper package of grahams is consumed, then drink the remaining milk sweetened with grahammy goodness.


Triscuits and cheeeeeeeeeeese, mmmmmmm, sometimes add a little salsa.

Cheddar cheese on Ritz-type crackers, with mustard.



Rye-Krisp sesame crackers with natural super chunk peanut butter, with raw honey and a few raisins on top.

Mexican style Kraft cheese singles folded and sandwiched inbetween a layer of those Keebler butter crackers, followed by another layer. And a real big boy gwass of milk to wash it all down. :slight_smile:

Sober: Choclate chip cookies and ice cold milk

If I’ve been drinking: any kind of greasy fast food, White Castle cheeseburgers are good as are Wendy’ fries (topped with Wendy’s chilli and melted cheese, YUM).