Your Favorite Coen Bros. Character

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I voted for Anton Chigurh

Pete Hogwallop. “Do not seek the treasure!”

I almost voted for Nick Cage in Raising Arizona, but I could easily have picked another five on the same level.

Everett McGill, 'cause he’s a Dapper Dan man.
(John Wayne???)

Jeff Bridges, in their remake.
My vote was for the guy at #20 – “I’ll show you the life of the mind!

A benchmark to see how much we affect their numbers:

Results of 2,240 votes:

  1. The Dude 715
    The Big Lebowski (1998), Jeff Bridges

  2. Anton Chigurh 411
    No Country for Old Men (2007), Javier Bardem

  3. Marge Gunderson 200
    Fargo (1996), Frances McDormand

Possibly Tom Reagan in Miller’s Crossing. If I were a movie character, he’s who I’d like to be.

Larry Sellers

The Dude

But I could have voted for Marge Gunderson, Walter Sobchak, Ulysses Everett McGill, or Carl Showalter as well.

Just so you know, I’m not a registered IMDb person so those stats don’t change for me (and others in my boat). Unless at least one of us is registered those numbers in my “benchmark” won’t change! :frowning:

I liked Mike Yanagita! Loved his poignant little scene.

Norville Barnes from The Hudsucker Proxy, followed by Ulysses Everett McGill.

Johnny Caspar from Miller’s Crossing:

“I’m sick of getting the high hat!”

He was my second choice. Turns out my choice is the majority choice but that says much more about Bridges vs Cage than the characters vs each other to me. What can I say?

The Dude, followed by Walter, followed by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s unctuous character, all from The Big Lebowski. Marge Gunderson is a distant fourth.

I voted for Carl Showalter ("Fargo")
Thanks to this part and Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs I became a fan of Steve Buscemi’s work

Tossup between Carl Showalter and Ed Crane. I’m a huge fan of Billy Bob.

My favorite wasn’t on the list - Leonard Smalls.

“He was especially hard on little things - the helpless and gentle creatures.”

Tom Reagan, although I see my choice is not shared by many.

Would have considered Eddie Dane from the same film but he wasn’t on offer.

Marge Gunderson and Jerry Lundegaard are in the running as well.

Excellent choice! Too bad he was left off the choices. Another glaring omission! (did he even have a name? :slight_smile: