Your favorite companion books?

I’m reading the companion book to Ric Burns’ New York: An Illustrated History (co-written with James Sanders and Lisa Ades) and am enjoying it very much (even though it is one of the rare works that actually insists upon itself). It’s very detailed, full of maps and sidebars, and I won’t need to spend 12 hours watching the series after reading through the companion.

Which brought to mind the fact that I have always enjoyed these companion books, sometimes even moreso than the televised series itself.

My favorite companion book still remains the one for Ken Burns’ Baseball: An Illustrated History (co-written with Geoffrey Ward).

This is nothing but a lovely book, a joy to open and read, as any book full of pictures of bright, sunny days would be. The writing is top-notch, the illustrations encyclopedic, and its only fault is not of its making - it has been 16 years since the book’s publication, so it is getting a bit dated.

What companion books do you enjoy? (And, if I may ask as the OP, please don’t just spew a list of 20 PBS series with companion books with no commentary… talk about a favorite or two.)

Another favorite of mine would be Connections, by James Burke. (Even though it may be that the book preceded the TV series…)