Your Favorite Fictional Weapons?

I was thinking more along the lines of personal weapons than of Death Stars and such.

I’ve always liked the sword Terminus Est from Gene Wolfe’s **Book of the New Sun ** series. Though it wasn’t in any sense magical, it was a unique weapon and an important part of the story. I think we have a member here who goes by that name, too.

Also from Wolfe, I liked the Azoth and the needlers in his Littany of the Long Sun series. The Azoth is kind of hard to explain, other than to say it wasn’t completely unlike a light saber. Needlers are handguns that electromagnetically launch metal needles at high velocity, something like a tiny rail gun. Wolfe is an engineer and went into great detail about why the needles are deliberately not pointy, as well as other interesting technical details about them. Gad, I want one. I always enjoy the way Wolfe writes about edged weapons. Apparently, he collects them.

The various knives, poisons, and other non-laser type weapons in Dune fascinated me when I read that book back in the 70’s. Alas, I found myself far less interested in any of the sequels than I did the original.

Which objects of fictional mayhem do you covet?

The converted siege weapon (crossbow) carried by Sgt Detritus of the Anhk-Morpork watch. aka the Piecemaker fires a six foot long bolt.

For use by a normal human type person Reason from Snowcrash An insanely powerful nuclear powered computerised gatling gun that can take bites out of an aircraft carrier.

I was always partial to The World’s Funniest Joke personally.

And next week, we’ll learn how to protect yourself from a man attacking you with a banana! :dubious:


My favorite fictional weapon is Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.


The lazy gun

also knife drone’s, and effectors from the culture books

I want Wolverine’s claws. How handy THOSE would be!

The 1920’s-style “Death Ray”.

Call me a traditionalist, but I just want a good ol’ phaser.

In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night,
No Evil Shall
Escape My Sight!
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might,
Beware My Power,

See Here


Sting, baby. Or Anduril, or maybe the Light of Earendil (not technically a weapon, but it still looks cool!) I’d say Gandalf’s staff, but I obviously couldn’t work it :wink:

Oh, or Catwoman’s whip. Mrrrowr!

I always thought that bone gone, made from the bones of funky critters the protagonist has to eat before assembing the gun, from the move Existenz was cool in a gross and strange way.

I always thought from pure asthetics, Buffy’s scythe from End of Days was kick-ass.

However, it was a reused prop from Season 2. Note to prop department: when your main character finds an all-powerful key to anihilation of the First Evil in the universe, don’t reuse the prop she tossed away in high school unless it’s a plot point!

And also, it wasn’t a scythe, although the characters kept referring to it as one. Axe, I’ll give you. Scythe’s are reaper-y sorts of things with great sweeping action.

THE WAVE MOTION GUN Are you being overrun by enemy Ships or leathal Ship killer traps or want to destroy your enemies home planet, simply convert your Ship into a huge giant Weapon and take care of them in one shot!

My vote goes the pulse rifle from Aliens, it just looks sooo cool. And it’s the best weapon ever in a computer game.

Siegfried’s sword Nothung and Captain Janeway’s Compression Phaser Rifles.

Really? Reused, you say? Hmm… from which episode? I don’t recall it.

Let’s see. The GL Ring’s got the power quotient going… Of course, there’s Excalibur as a pretty cool personal weapon. Or the weapons of Amber, like Frakir.

Or, hey, Gundam Deathscythe-H. For style.


“End of the World Delight!” :cool:

Does Iron-Man’s suit of armor count as a weapon? (How about just his repulser rays?)

Elric of Melnibone’s “Stormbringer” blade was pretty cool.

The “Dr. Who” villain the Master had a ‘matter-compressor’ beam.

And then, of course, there’s…


The reset button. Used with some frequency by writers of ST: Voyager and Legion of Superheroes. Write yourself into a corner? Reset. Didn’t happen.

The ulltimate nullifier. A true MAD weapon, in that it destroys both the target and the person using it. Unless it’s being fired by Franklin Richards, in which case it’s a reset button.